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Plastic Planet

plastic bottles are generated worldwide per minute and transported around the globe
there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans
the transport of goods will increase
The popu­la­tion of our earth is growing rapidly - by 2050 there will be more than 10 billion people on our planet and the demand for hygienic clean drinking water will rise by 55%. Today more than 800 million people have no access to clean, healthy and pure water.

Approx­i­mately one million plastic bottles are produced around the world every minute, which are then trans­ported across the globe, gener­ating unnec­es­sary CO2 emis­sions and tons of plastic waste.

We all live on a "plastic planet". In around 30 years there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. The flood of plastic is steadily increasing and so-​called microplas­tics can be found every­where - in the air, in the soil, in our food and in the water, it has already been detected in the body.

The trans­port of goods will increase by 350% over the next 30 years. That is 4.5 times the volume of trans­port compared to today. A big problem for people and the globe.

Bottle Free Zone


It is BWT's declared aim to make water of a perfect drinking water quality avail­able all over the world. With inno­v­a­tive, patented BWT tech­nolo­gies, it is possible to filter local water and at the same time enrich it with valu­able minerals and trace elements such as magne­sium, zinc and sili­cate. Thanks to BWT, great-tasting, miner­al­ized water of the best quality comes directly from the tap, the water dispenser or the table water filter.

This saves the labo­rious trans­port, storage and disposal of water bottles. BWT pays partic­ular atten­tion to sustain­ability, social respon­si­bility and the careful use of limited resources in order to guar­antee future gener­a­tions a beau­tiful, live­able world. With the philos­ophy of the Bottle Free Zone, BWT are getting closer to this goal every day, sip by sip. However, bottles are not dispensed within a Bottle Free Zone. Rather, it is about avoiding single-use plastic bottles, which cause tons of rubbish.

Whether at home, in the office, in restau­rants, hotels or in public build­ings, the BWT Bottle Free Zone provides locally processed miner­al­ized water. This is dispensed or bottled in envi­ron­men­tally friendly reusable bottles made of glass or plastic, free of BPA and envi­ron­men­tally harmful substances, and depending on the taste enriched with valu­able magne­sium, zinc or sili­cate.

Salzburger Festspiele
Salzburger Festspiele

BWT x Salzburg Festival - press confer­ence

The Salzburg Festival is the bench­mark in the cultural field of music and performing arts. At BWT, we are pursuing an ambi­tious goal: We want to make the world better sip by sip with our tech­nolo­gies and our commit­ments. To be able to advance this vision together with a partner like the Salzburg Festival is a great honour and inspi­ra­tion for us in our mission “For You and Planet Blue”.

Bottle Free Solutions

At home

Elim­i­nating single use plastic bottles is the first step towards change. The second impor­tant step, is the treat­ment and refine­ment of your local water.

BWT makes more of your tap water, even if your tap water tastes great, it doesn't hurt to enrich it with valu­able minerals such as magne­sium or trace elements such as zinc and sili­cate. In addi­tion, some house­holds suffer from extreme levels of calci­fi­ca­tion. You can protect your­self against that too. Bottle Free Zone solu­tions are avail­able for every require­ment.

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Thermo Bottle


The goal: to save on single use- and plastic bottles. We have the solu­tion for this: water dispensers that ensure clean, locally prepared drinking water enriched with minerals and trace elements.

Cold, warm, still or sparkling, simply at the push of a button and with your personal drinking water bottle there is no need for a guilty conscience. Because from now on a child in Africa will drink with you, because with every consump­tion you ensure that they have easy access to clean drinking water.

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AQA drink


Bottle Free Events are those that delib­er­ately do without single use- and plastic bottles. Event organ­isers who choose a better world and have decided to protect the envi­ron­ment and provide for future gener­a­tions. Event organ­isers who want to help us change the world. Sip by sip.
Salzburger Festspiele

Gastronomy & hotel business

If you encounter a bottle free zone in a restaurant or hotel, it means you will experience the best local water. Water that is refined with valuable magnesium, zinc or silicate. That you can drink with a clear conscience, because not only do you benefit yourself but also so does a child in Africa. Which gets easy access to clean drinking water. Sip by sip.
Best Water Hotel

Peter Michorl – LASK Linz

Avoiding disposable bottles, using local drinking water. These are things that I, that each of us, can do. In doing so, we all contribute to reduce the strain on the environment and, in the process, make the world a better place sip by sip. I am proud that LASK is focusing on sustainability with the use of BWT water dispensers and that we can contribute to raising awareness on the issue.

Maro Engel – AMG Driver

Change the world, sip by sip. It's not just written on my helmet, but here at the GT Masters we live the motto. The entire paddock receives water dispensers from BWT, making a not incon­sid­er­able contri­bu­tion to reducing single-​use plastic waste. I am proud to have BWT as a partner on my side and to be able to draw atten­tion to the issue of sustain­ability in the context of motor­sport.

Sebas­tian Vettel – Formula 1

BWT have a solution in place to provide everyone with access to safe drinking water. Not only that, they are also committed to get rid of single-use plastic in the process. I think it is a great idea with an innovative technology behind it that needs to be spread. That is also why I dedicated by helmet to the colors and message of BWT.

Peter Haid­vogl, Owner of Haid­vogl Collec­tion

Switching from disposable bottles in our hotels and restaurant to BWT technology and thus opting for a Bottle Free Zone in the Haidvogl Collection was a significant step towards sustainability. We save a lot of transport costs and were able to improve our CO2 footprint significantly. The guests thank us - our good Zell am Seer spring water tastes even better because it is enriched with valuable magnesium.
Peter Haidvogl

Harald Huber – Huber’s im Fischerwirt, Salzburg

Making the world a little better, sip by sip - myself and everyone else can simply model it: By avoiding single-use bottles and relying on local drinking water, I am reducing my impact on the environment. We are proud to have made our restaurant a BWT Bottle Free Zone and to be able to serve our guests local water mineralized with magnesium.
Huber Fischerwirt

Norbert Niederkofler, AlpINN Restau­rant at the Kron­platz - South Tyrol

“Our goal is to always offer quality and service on the “highest possible level”, including the water that we serve to our guests. It is also important to us, to protect and take care of our environment. That is why we made our restaurant a bottle free zone – to reduce unnecessary transport and the use of plastic bottles. We are pleased that, thanks to BWT technologies, we are able to live sustainability when it comes to water and contribute to raising awareness to this topic."
Norbert Niederkofler

Bottle Free Technology


BWT not only stands for the avoid­ance of single-​use plastic bottles but also for the treat­ment and refine­ment of your local water. Even if your tap water tastes great, there is no harm in enriching it with valu­able minerals such as magne­sium or trace elements such as zinc and sili­cate.

With magne­sium:

• More power and less fatigue
• Good for muscles, nerves and your metab­o­lism
• Strengthens bones and teeth

With zinc:

• For a strong immune system
• Nour­ishes skin, hair and nails
• Helps with wound healing

With sili­cate:

• For mental fitness
• Good for skin, hair and nails
• Supports the cardio­vas­cular system

Bottle Free Mission

It has always been a matter of great concern to BWT to help people in need and to support projects that demonstrably make a contribution to the sustainable development of regions affected by poverty. As part of the b.waterMISSION project, a total of 10,000 wells are being built in Gambia, Tanzania and the surrounding area with the help of BWT, in order to provide local people with access to clean drinking water. Bottle Free Zones not only stand for the best water, they actually change the world - sip by sip.

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