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Bottle Free Zone

Together we are pursuing one goal: A life without single-use plastic bottles. Help us save our Planet Blue by creating your own Bottle Free Zone.
bottlefreezone Bottle Free Zone

Bottle Free Zone

Products and solutions

BWT offers various products that will not only bring you excellent, great-tasting water but will also save you time and money and reduce single-use plastic waste.
BWT Bottle Free Zone BWT Bottle Free Zone


Planet Blue

Reduce waste and carbon footprint

The average London adult buys more than three single use plastic water bottles every week - a startling 175 bottles every year. In total, some 7.7 billion plastic bottles are bought across the UK each year, resulting in substantial amounts of single-use plastic waste. (1)

We produce plastic waste by the tonne that pollutes our blue planet and our water more and more each day. We see the head­lines about the cata­strophic carbon foot­print left by the manu­fac­ture and trans­port of plastic prod­ucts and the results of scien­tific research that has detected tiny plastic parti­cles even in our own bodies. This should be enough to give us all a jolt and make us think. In a nutshell: when it comes to plastic, it is high time to act. One step in the right direc­tion is simply to stop buying water in single-use plastic bottles and set up a Bottle Free Zone at home, at work, or in your café or restau­rant. Thanks to BWT, avoiding single-use plastic bottles is child's play.

1 Source: Mayor of London,
Video: Together we can make it happen and create Bottle Free Zones
Video Thumbnail Bottle Free Zone
Video: Together we can make it happen and create Bottle Free Zones

What are the advan­tages of a Bottle Free Zone?

"Bottle Free Zones are the key to sustainable water without  single-use plastic."

Choose your Bottle Free Zone

If you want to make your own contri­bu­tion and change the way you consume water, here are three solu­tions to help you set up single-use plastic bottle free zones at home, at the office or in a restau­rant. Whichever you choose, you can continue to enjoy high-​quality water in the way you like it best – still, chilled or sparkling.

Products & solutions

BWT offers various prod­ucts that will not only give you best-​quality great-​​tasting water but will also save you time and money and reduce single-​​use plastic waste.

Table water filters, water dispensers and under-​​the-​sink water systems; all use water straight from your tap, reduce limescale, remove parti­cles and substances that impair flavour and add bene­fi­cial magne­sium.

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Penguin 6 Cartridges Main1
Penguin 6 Cartridges Main1

Table Water Filters

Transform your tap water into unique magnesium mineralized water with our table water filters.

AQA drink SLIM
AQA drink SLIM

Under-the-sink water system

Simply turn on the tap and enjoy. No more carrying bottles of water while reducing plastic waste.


AQA drink 20 CAS
AQA drink 20 CAS

Water dispenser

Our water dispensers trans­form tap water into the best Magne­sium Miner­al­ized Water.

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