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From Formula 1, touring cars through to hydrogen-powered racing cars: it's hard to imagine the world's race tracks without BWT and the colour pink today.
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BWT in motor sports

Motor Sports

Pink - the colour of motor racing

Partic­u­larly in motor sport, the colour pink has become ubiq­ui­tous and a perma­nent fixture on racing tracks around the globe. In the elite class of motor sport - Formula 1 - pink remains a perma­nent fixture and the two pink racing cars spon­sored by BWT are lining up on the grid as the BWT Racing Point F1 Team this year. BWT is also repre­sented in touring car, where the drivers and riders regu­larly cele­brate successes. Off the race track, BWT invests heavily in research and devel­op­ment, which in turn feeds into the motor sport activ­i­ties. Partic­u­larly in the field of membrane tech­nology, as used, for example, in hydrogen-​powered vehi­cles, BWT is a pioneer. With FORZE Elec­tric Racing, it has impres­sively demon­strated that this tech­nology also has a great future in motor racing.

Formula racing

Formula 1

Having turned heads with the world’s first pink Formula 1 car in 2017 and building upon three successful seasons as Principal Sponsor, BWT and Racing Point have expanded their relationship in 2020 so that the team will be known as BWT Racing Point F1 Team.
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BWT Formula 1 Racing

Formula 2

BWTs pink racing cars also compete in the Formula 2 Championships. As official Title Partner of BWT HWA RACELAB, BWT accompanies up and coming stars on their way to the top. HWA as engineering expert has been successful in motorsports for more than 20 years and uses their know-how now also within their own team. In 2020, Giuliano Alesi and Artem Markelov are the two drivers competing for BWT HWA RACELAB.

BWT Formula 2

Formula 4

With aspiring young talents, BWT Mücke Motor­sport goes to the grid at the ADAC Formula 4 and the Formula 4 Italian Cham­pi­onship. With its talent devel­op­ment, this tradi­tional Berlin-based racing stable has launched the careers of several Formula 1 drivers.
Formel 4

Touring cars

Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup

Much more than a fasci­na­tion with motor sport and a commit­ment to giving one's best every day unites BWT with BWT Lechner Racing. As well as being the title sponsor of the Thalgau-​based family team, BWT is also its neigh­bour as we are head­quar­tered in nearby Mondsee. BWT repre­sents Lechner Racing both in the Porsche Supercup brand trophy and in the German Carrera Cup.
Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup

ADAC GT Masters

BWT Mücke Motorsport has been participating in this "super sports car league" since 2017, where it goes full throttle with two Audi R8 LMS. BWT has also been supplying the Mücke drivers with its excellent Magnesium Mineralized Water as a title sponsor since 2016.

Hydrogen-​powered racing car

FORZE Hydrogen Elec­tric Racing

FORZE is a team of students at the Delft Univer­sity of Tech­nology who have succeeded in building the first hydrogen-​​​powered racing car in the world. BWT is committed as a major partner.

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