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It's easy to fight the flood of plastic waste: Here are a few tips to help you do your bit for the environment by turning your office or other place of work into a Bottle Free Zone.
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Turn your workplace into a Bottle Free Zone

It is also possible to reduce plastic waste in the workplace and so take an important step towards environmental protection and sustainability. One change that's as simple to implement at work as it is effective is to use and treat water from the local supply and so turn the workplace into a Bottle Free Zone. BWT water dispenser solutions – from the AQA drink Pro 20 to the AQA drink Pure water filter tap – are particularly convenient and sustainable for offices, production facilities, waiting rooms, and more. This is both a clear benefit for the carbon footprint of every employee and, thanks to BWT, a plus for sustainability and taste. A simple and flexible solution for desks and meeting rooms alike is the handy BWT table water filter, which transforms tap water into great-tasting Magnesium Mineralized Water. BWT water dispensers are particularly useful for offices, waiting rooms and similar, while the BWT AQA drink Pure is the ideal solution for the office kitchen.
AQA Drink Pro 20
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BWT AQA drink Pure: The modern kitchen aid for a Bottle Free Zone at home.

What are the advantages of a Bottle Free Zone?

Products & solutions

Magnesium Mineralized Water at the touch of a button

BWT water dispensers are a practical and convenient solution: At the office, in a hotel lobby or at the hairdresser – a water dispenser looks good and provides refreshment any time it's needed at the touch of a button. Still, refreshingly cool or sparkling Magnesium Mineralized Water – the choice is yours.

And the best thing about it: the water dispenser also uses water direct from the mains. That's what we call sustainable refreshment at the touch of a button!

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AQA Drink Pro 20 Galery 4 AQA drink pro 20

The AQA drink Pure kitchen water filter

With a BWT water filter for the kitchen, you can enjoy fresh, filtered Magnesium Mineralized Water straight from your kitchen tap. The new AQA drink Pure complete systems combine innovative BWT Magnesium Technology with a modern tap design from GROHE.

  • Fresh Magnesium Mineralized Water
  • No polluting transport of water in bottles
  • Reduces plastic waste
  • Programmable filter change display
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beWell AQA essenza 30+4 water dispenser

The perfect water dispenser and lifestyle beverage system with the QUBE design. The AQA essenza 30+4 is a powerful appliance with something completely new and different – fresh and delicious superfluids made from superfruits. Served cold or sparkling, every essence is natural and beneficial for body and spirit. With its enchanting mood lighting concept, the QUBE transforms any room.

  • Magnesium Mineralized Water – chilled or sparkling
  • Eight beverages – four essences to mix
  • Automatic cleaning program
  • TFL colour display
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More Bottle Free Zones

If you want to make your own contribution and change the way you consume water, here are further solutions to help you set up plastic bottle free zones at home, at the office or in a restaurant. Whichever you choose, you can continue to enjoy high-quality water in the way you like it best – still, chilled or sparkling.