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Change the world while enjoying it. In his outstanding new food space and restaurant AlpiNN, Norbert Niederkofler shows how a restaurant can become a Bottle Free Zone by serving his guests best Magnesium Mineralized Water for maximum sustainability.
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Bottle Free

Turn your restaurant into a Bottle Free Zone

We produce plastic waste by the tonne that pollutes our blue planet and our water more and more each day. So one important environmental action should be to avoid plastic waste. One simple but effective way of doing this is to use and treat tap water from the local supply and turn your establishment into a Bottle Free Zone, replacing water in plastic bottles that is not just expensive but also has to be bottled specially and then driven miles by environmentally unfriendly trucks. This is both a clear benefit for the carbon footprint of every one of us and, thanks to BWT, a plus for greater sustainability and taste.
BWT Bottle Free Zone - Change the world while enjoying it

What are the advantages of a Bottle Free Zone?

"By converting to a BWT Bottle Free Zone we are showing our appreciation for the local water."
Star chef Norbert Niederkofler

Products & solutions

If you want to impress discerning diners, only the very finest flavours will do. And BWT can help you do that. Produce chilled, still or sparkling Magnesium Mineralized Water for your guests. BWT custom-treats your water to suit the specific usage and quality of the local water.

Magnesium Mineralized Water

The advantages:

  • Patented Magnesium Technology protects appliances such as coffee makers and chillers from limescale deposits.
  • Fewer water bottles means you need less storage space, reduces food miles and generates less waste, saving you time and money.

We provide full support – from appliance installation and handling to front-of-house presentation with our high-quality drinking water and carafes.

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Gläser Flaschen Karaffen Gläser Flaschen Karaffen

beWell AQA essenza 30+4 water dispenser

The perfect water dispenser and lifestyle beverage system with the QUBE design. The AQA essenza 30+4 is a powerful appliance with something completely new and different – fresh and delicious superfluids made from superfruits. Served cold or sparkling, every essence is natural and beneficial for body and spirit. With its enchanting mood lighting concept, the QUBE transforms any room.

  • Magnesium Mineralized Water – chilled or sparkling
  • Eight beverages – four essences to mix
  • Automatic cleaning program
  • TFL colour display
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beWell Cube Restaurant

Glassware range

BWT launches an individual bottle and carafe design on the market. The sleek and attractive design is reflected throughout the range and encompasses a variety of products. Stylish glass carafe with 360° spout which will add style to every table. These timelessly beautiful glasses are the perfect complement to the glass carafe range.
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More Bottle Free Zones

If you want to make your own contribution and change the way you consume water, here are further solutions to help you set up plastic bottle free zones at home, at the office or in a restaurant. Whichever you choose, you can continue to enjoy high-quality water in the way you like it best – still, chilled or sparkling.