A world champion as BWT brand ambassador

We welcome Sebastian Vettel to the BWT family

Formular 1 Vettel
Formular 1
No one can escape Formula 1, a racing series consid­ered to be the most impor­tant and most popular event in the world. The pink BWT racing cars from Force India and, later, BWT Racing Point have created an incred­ible stir in recent Years. Now a new mile­stone begins with Sebas­tian Vettel as BWT's brand ambas­sador.

The 34-​year-​old from Germany, four-​times world cham­pion, is currently fighting for points in the world's most popular and pres­ti­gious motor­sport racing series in the 2021 Formula 1 season - and he’s wearing a pink helmet. "We will, of course, miss seeing the pink car in Formula 1, but we now have a pink symbol to carry our message round the globe – Vettel and his helmet, fighting for every hundredth of a second on the world's race­tracks," Lutz Hübner, CMO says. He adds: "Sebas­tian Vettel is a world star at the highest level. He believes in our mission and our prod­ucts and can there­fore commu­ni­cate them cred­ibly." Sebas­tian is a father of three, and he and his house­hold have been drinking BWT-​filtered water for many years. “He knows what we know - that pink is the new green. Together, we’re on our way to a more sustain­able future.” The part­ner­ship’s slogan ‘Change the world, sip by sip’ repre­sents a new focus for our brand strategy, even if it’s just displayed on the back of Vettel's helmet: “Sebas­tian Vettel and his cap, helmet and bottle can carry this message and our brand around the world,” says Hübner.