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BWT Corades - the first cosmetic hand disinfection
Conventional disinfectants are limited to eliminating germs. Unfortunately, in doing so, they massively attack the protective layer of the skin. It quickly becomes dry and cracked - especially when used frequently. An unpleasant pungent odour also remains. From now on, both must no longer be accepted as the "new normal".

BWT CORADES - combines for the first time the highest hygiene standards with cosmetic skin care and a refreshing fragrance.

Effective protection with the simplest application
Without water and soap, no rinsing necessary. Rub 3 ml of gel into the hands and leave on for 30 seconds. BWT Corades is 99.99% effective against bacteria and specific viruses (including influenza and coronaviruses).

Cosmetic skin care with panthenol provitamin B5
The active ingredient established in medical cosmetics increases the skin's moisture retention capacity and protects its elasticity. Feel the difference, several times a day.

Fresh, long-lasting fragrance
Unpleasantly intense odour is a thing of the past, BWT Corades delights from the first application with its pleasant bouquet, similar to a breeze of fresh sea air.

Skin Care & Cosmetics

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Kosmetische Händedesinfektion
Kosmetische Händedesinfektion
Corades Disinfecting Gel 4 x 300 ml
99.99 % effective against bacteria and special viruses with integrated skin care panthenol provitamin B5 - 4 x 300 ml pump dispenser
€19.90 €39.90
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