Control the water quality of your pool continuously? Now it's easy with the BWT Pearl Water Manager!

The Pearl Water Manager is a small, intelligent pool buoy that analyses and monitors all water parameters in your pool in real time. Local weather developments are taken into account and recommendations are sent to your smartphone so that you can react in time. Via the associated app, you receive a weather forecast for up to 7 days in advance incl. corresponding recommendations for the use of your pool chemicals based on the measured values. 

Temperature, pH value, redox potential, conductivity, algae and limescale content and undetectable bacteria
- the BWT Pearl Water Manager is connected 24/7 and informs you in real time whether you can go swimming carefree in the water or whether it should be treated. Permanent safety and comfort for you and your swimmers are guaranteed!

Good for you - good for the environment.
The BWT Pearl Water Manager continuously monitors the pool water to predict imbalances and reduce the need for chemicals. This is not only sustainable and environmentally friendly, but also simplifies maintenance enormously. The pool buoy avoids mistakes and inconveniences from water that can irritate the skin and attack your pool equipment.

The Pearl Water Manager app gives you a quick overview of your water quality. It is available for Android and iOS in 10 languages and compatible with all popular smartphones.

More information of BWT Pearl Water Manager could be found here.
Product features
Product number: 125503399
Battery input voltage: 3.7V DC
Bluetooth: 4.X
Charger input frequency: 50 to 60 Hz
Charger input voltage: 100 to 240 V AC
Charger output voltage: 5V DC
Compatibility: iOS & Android App (free download)
Dimensions (w x h x d): 15 x 11 x 6 cm
Measurement of: pH value, conductivity, redox potential and temperature
Operating temperature: 5 to 45 °C
Pearl Water Manager: Chlorine/Bromine
Pool type: Chlorine/bromine pool
Scope of application: Water maintenance and control
Scope of delivery: Pearl Water Manager pool buoy, 3 measuring sensors (yellow, blue, grey), key tool (pink plastic key), screwdriver, charging cable, Quick Start Guide
Storage temperature: 5 to 45 °C
USB: 2.0
WIFI: 802.11 b/g/n
Weight: 0,7 kg
The Pearl Water Manager is protected against dust and water according to IP68 standard, which means that the station is completely waterproof and dustproof and is suitable for conventional pool depths without restrictions. (Important here is the correct closure / engagement of the loading lid at the upper end of the buoy - seal on groove - to prevent water from penetrating!).
Please use only the charging cable supplied with the Pearl Water Manager. We cannot guarantee flawless (charging) operation of the Pearl Water Manager with third-party products.
Pearl Water Manager Chlorine and Bromine: Suitable for chlorine and bromine pools of all kinds, as well as chlorine whirlpools.

Pearl Water Manager Salt: Suitable for salt water (electrolysis) and whirlpools of all kinds.
Depending on the frequency of use and duration, calibration is announced via the app or we recommend calibrating the Pearl Water Manager once a year at the beginning of the swimming season. The calibration is carried out with the calibration set and is accompanied step by step by means of the app.
Yes you can leave the Pearl Water Manager under the pool cover or skimmer as long as the Pearl Water Manager cannot get caught, wedged or pulled into any pool components (e.g. automatic pool cover etc.). Some pool covers or skimmer types may experience signal loss/interference over the cover period - depending on the thickness/material of the cover and the type of connection (Wifi and/or Bluetooth). As soon as the Pearl Water Manager leaves the cover, it starts picking up the signal with the smartphone.
The battery charge lasts between 3-6 months in continuous operation and depending on the signal type and strength, true to the motto "One Charge One Season", i.e. an entire (outdoor) pool season.
The BWT Pearl Water Manager measures the water temperature, the pH value, the disinfection performance (ORP redox potential) and the total dissolved solids (TDS). All measured values are important parameters that are evaluated in the background via the Pearl Water Manager app and thus depict the overall water quality (colour system/symbol in the Pearl Water Manager app). In this way, the pool user can quickly and easily see the water quality. The Pearl Water Manager supports you with dosage recommendations for your water care in order to maintain the best water quality throughout the entire swimming season.
Attention in the delivery state there are black protective caps on all sensors, these must be removed beforehand (is also displayed in the app). To do this, remove the pink perforated cover of the Pearl Water Manager and pull off the black protective caps. After that, the Pearl Water Manager should work properly. (Recommendation: You can reuse the protective caps for winterising or storing the Pearl Water Manager.)
Yes, this is possible thanks to a multi-user environment. Several pools can be created with one buoy and even releases can be given to the neighbours via QR code in order to see the water values of the pool while one is on holiday (pool sitter).
To change the sensors you need the supplied key tool (pink plastic key) to unscrew the sensors (twistlock system). The new sensor is inserted (slight click) and tightened accordingly. (see video)
Before you put the Pearl Water Manager away for the winter, it is recommended that you remove all caps (pink top cap and pink perforated bottom cap) and remove any residual water/condensation with a cloth. (If you still have the black delivery caps from the packaging, you are welcome to put them back on the sensors.)

Then reassemble the Pearl Water Manager. The Pearl Water Manager can now be stored at room temperature. (Be careful to avoid large temperature jumps during storage to preserve battery life!)

Accessories and sensors

Calibration kit for Pearl Water Manager sensors
For regular calibration of the sensors of your Pearl Water Manager every 4 to 6 months.
Conductivity sensor for Pearl Water Manager
Replacement sensor for measuring conductivity incl. calibration set
ORP value sensor for Pearl Water Manager
Replacement sensor for measuring the ORP value incl. calibration set
pH value sensor for Pearl Water Manager
Replacement sensor for measuring the pH value incl. calibration set
Replacement Tool for Pearl Water Manager Sensors
Twist & Lock system for easy replacement of sensors

Pool water care

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Small "Summer Essentials" Set
The small all-round package for a relaxed bathing season
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Large "Summer Essentials" Set
The great all-round package for a relaxed bathing season
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Small Spring Care Set
Pool care in the spring package ideal for the start of the season - for pools up to 15 m³
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Large Spring Care Set
Pool care in the spring package, ideal for the start of the season - for pools up to 40 m³.
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Cleaning kit for salt water pools
Salt electrolysis set for easy cleaning and maintenance of your salt water pool up to 40 m³.
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AQA marin pool tester 5-in-1
Test set for checking chlorine content, ph value, cyanuric acid, total alkalinity and calcium hardness
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4 in 1 Komplettpflege für Poolwasser
4 in 1 Komplettpflege für Poolwasser
Packaging unit
Benamin Ultra Clear Max
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