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Excellent suction performance due to adjustable nozzles
Thanks to the adjustable nozzles, BWT pool robots have a better suction performance (19 m³/hour 38,000 L/cycle). The performance is higher the closer the nozzles are to the surface to be cleaned. The suction power thus adapts to the type of dirt to be picked up.

Smart Navigation
BWT pool robots are equipped with the innovative and intelligent Smart Navigation control system. The built-in gyroscope calculates the optimal route adapted to the respective pool for fast and efficient cleaning. This gives you the best cleaning power for your pool.

4D filter
The 4D filter technology, consisting of a filter insert with an elastic 3D loop fabric in the 4th dimension, filters every impurity out of your water through additional vibration. From a small grain of sand to a leaf.

Plug & Play and easy cleaning
With just one push of a button, the BWT pool robot starts its programme - after cleaning is complete, it switches off automatically. The filters can be easily removed and cleaned from above at the touch of a button.

Optimum performance at high water levels
Thanks to the active cooperation of the gyroscope on the wall, the BWT pool robot recognises when it moves above the water line and turns immediately. A very helpful function for overflow or slim skimmer pools with high water levels.
Product features
Product number: 125505485
Brush type: 4 PVA foam brushes + vibrating brush
Cable length: 18 m, Swivel
Drive technology: Dual drive, Breezer technology
Duration of the cleaning: 2 h
Filter type: 4D, Ultrafine Microfibre
For pools up to: 10 metres length
Navigation system: Smart Navigation + Gyroscope
Suction power: 19 m³/< 38,000 litres
Transport Caddy: Caddy
Type of cleaning: Floor, wall, waterline
Weight: 11 kg

Suitable replacement filter

Replacement filter for pool robot of the D-line
Filter element for replacing a used filter cartridge

Complementary pool water care

Pool cleaning set
Set consisting of stain remover, floating pads and disposable filter
Container size
BWT Algicid
Foam-free concentrate for the prevention of algae, highly concentrated, odourless and tasteless.
Top seller
Pearl Water Manager_main_1_1500x1500
Pearl Water Manager_main_1_1500x1500
Pearl Water Manager
BWT Pearl Water Manager
Automatic pool water analysis with individual dosing and cleaning recommendation
BWT Rim Clean Gel
For removing limescale and grease deposits from the pool edge
BWT Floating Pads
Absorbent pads absorb grease deposits from sunscreens and oils from the water surface
AQA marin pool tester 5-in-1
Test set for checking chlorine content, ph value, cyanuric acid, total alkalinity and calcium hardness

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