Disinfectants for your office

Effective surface and hand disinfection for hygienic work

Packaging unit
V-STOP hand disinfectant gel 300 ml
Highly effective, reliable hand disinfection
Packaging unit
V-STOP hand disinfectant gel 35 ml
Highly effective, reliable hand disinfection

BWT Disinfectants

Highly effective hand and surface disinfectants for your everyday office life

BWT disinfectants as reliable protection at the workplace

With our highly effective disinfectants, you not only protect yourself, but also your colleagues from annoying viruses and bacteria. BWT Corades and V-Stop have a bactericidal and limited virucidal effect. This means that enveloped viruses - including influenza and coronaviruses - are inactivated.

Do BWT hand disinfectants attack the protective layer of my skin?

No. Unlike conventional disinfecting gels, which are limited to removing bacteria and quickly leave the skin dry and cracked, BWT Corades also acts as a skin care product. It contains the established active ingredient panthenol provitamin B5, which increases the skin's moisture retention capacity and thus protects its elasticity. You will feel the difference!

Another benefit: with BWT Corades, hospital atmosphere and strong chemical smells are a thing of the past. Our disinfectant gel provides a long-lasting pleasant scent on the hands from the first application - similar to a breeze of fresh sea air.

How do I get the most effective protection?

It's simple: wash your hands regularly for 20 to 30 seconds with enough soap. After drying, use our disinfectant gel - just 3 millilitres is enough to disinfect your hands sufficiently. For optimal protection, wait another 30 seconds before touching anything again.

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