The right pool accessories for easy pool cleaning

Landing nets, cleaning brushes, telescopic poles and more

Telescopic pole for pool cleaning
3-piece aluminium telescopic pole for extending landing net, brush or pool vacuum cleaner, adjustable up to 3.60 m
AQA marin bottom landing net
Robust bottom landing net for easy collection of dirt particles on the pool bottom
AQA marin cleaning brush
Effortless cleaning even with coarse soiling and deposits
AQA marin leaf landing net
Easy cleaning of the water surface thanks to the robust leaf net
AQA marin vacuum cleaner
Reliable bottom cleaning for pools of all shapes and sizes
LED lighting
BWT LED underwater spotlight
Remote-controlled LED bulb as decorative lighting for your pool - coloured or white LEDs available
Ground protection fleece for above ground pools up to Ø 5 m
Protect your pool liner from damage - soft interface between surface and liner
Winter cover "Pistoche"
Protects your above ground pool reliably during the cold season
Replacement filter for pool robots D400 | D500 | D600
Filter element for replacing a used filter cartridge
Replacement filter for pool robot of the B-line
Easy replacement of the filter element thanks to replacement cartridge
Replacement filter for pool robot of the D-line
Filter element for replacing a used filter cartridge
Round all-season cover for pools up to Ø 5 m
Tear-resistant cover to protect against dirt and weather throughout the year
Solar cover for round pools up to Ø 5 m
Bubble wrap to warm and insulate your pool water in summer
Winter and safety cover for wooden pool "OCTO 414
Weatherproof cover to protect your pool from cold and dirt

Buy pool accessories

Net, pool brush and more for easy pool cleaning

What accessories do I need for my pool? 

For a clean pool in no time at all, we strongly recommend the use of a landing net. Made of high-quality plastic with an extremely sturdy net, a bottom or leaf net reliably ensures a hygienically clean pool - and in only a short time.
For immaculate pool experiences, we also advise you to use a cleaning brush. Thanks to its flexible and robust outer brushes, this brush even removes hardened deposits and the heaviest impurities. 

 Do I need a telescopic pole? 

Definitely. A telescopic pole is the practical extension for your landing net or pool brush and makes cleaning your pool even easier. The telescopic pole is also compatible with our pool vacuums, with which you can easily vacuum up dirt such as grass or small stones from the bottom of your pool. 

 What else do I need for a crystal-clear and well-maintained swimming pool? 

Crystal-clear pool water is the be-all and end-all for unadulterated swimming fun. To maintain this in the long term, we recommend the use of our pool chemicals and chlorine tablets. Whether you want to clean or disinfect your pool, or whether you want to regulate the pH value of your pool - our pool care products are the perfect solution for ensuring perfect water quality. 
A pool robot gives you the best cleaning success. Deposits from the floor, wall and waterline are removed fully automatically - even the smallest particles are removed. You can sit back and relax and don't have to worry about a thing. So an investment is always worthwhile. 

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