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Kitchen Special Bundles

-28 %
"AQUAlizer" trial package
Find your favourite: The most modern water filter jug with our set of 4 filter cartridges – equipped with different technologies.
€69.90 €97.76
-22 %
Tischwasserfilter AQUAlizer Zinc Filterkartuschen inkl. Glaskaraffe
AQUAlizer+Glaskaraffe – EN
Filter technology
Additional product
Annual package "AQUAlizer" + glass carafe
For a healthy immune system: The AQUAlizer combined with 12 ZINC + Magnesium Mineralised Water filter cartridges strengthens your defences throughout the year.
€114.90 €147.70
-8 %
Tischwasserfilter mit Silicate  Filterkartuschen
Filter technology
Additional product
AQUAlizer incl. 3 Silicate + Magnesium filter cartridges
For a lifelong mental fitness: The AQUAlizer combined with 3 Silicate + Magnesium Mineralized Water filter cartridges supports your mental well-being for 3 months.
€54.90 €59.90
-9 %
Trinkwasserfilter Vida in Weiß mit 3er Pack Magnesium Mineralized Water
Special Bundle "Vida" + Magnesium Mineralized Water
For more performance: The Vida, combined with 3 Magnesium Mineralized Water filter cartridges, ensures optimal performance and best taste for 3 months.
€29.90 €32.90

Kitchen Special Bundles

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Enjoy the best water quality and save money at the same time? Thanks to the special bundles from BWT this is really easy now! Not only will your wallet thank you, your immune system will also be happy to be supplied with sufficient high-quality minerals.

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