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Cosmy Star
Cosmy Star
Cosmy Star
Cosmy Star Pool
Cosmy Star
Cosmy Star
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Cosmy Star
Cosmy Star
Cosmy Star
Cosmy Star Pool
Cosmy Star
Cosmy Star

Cosmy Star

For pools up to 40 ft.

Currently you can only obtain this item by request.

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  • A whole lot of technology packed into less than 13 lbs
  • Energy efficient
  • For all pool shapes and waterproofing finishes
  • Warranty: 2 years + 1 year limited
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Cosmy Star

A whole lot of technology packed into less than 13 lbs.


Cosmy robots are equipped with two stage plan­e­tary gear tech­nology, a drive system that offers greater effi­ciency and better preci­sion; combined with two drive motors and a powerful pump, Cosmy is one of the most reli­able robotic cleaners on the market.

This system is the ideal solu­tion for fast, opti­mized travel, unmatched cleaning and unri­valled reli­a­bility.


With their rapid and logical travel mode and powerful suction, Cosmy robotic cleaners work fast. Cleaning cycles are short, consume less energy, and yield a flaw­less result.

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Pool image
Pool image

Cosmy the Bot, ultra-clean style

Cosmy opens the path to a whole new world, where effi­ciency meets style and elegance, where size gives way to preci­sion and intel­li­gence.

Responsive and intuitive

Cosmy Star is intu­itive and easy to use.
At the touch of a button it gets to work.
Ergonomic and clever, just as you like it.

Cosmy star

Beautifully made and elegant

Although Cosmy Star is very small, its ultra-​​modern design allows it to clean faster and more effi­ciently while consuming less energy. Cosmy the Bot: super cute, but high perfor­mance!

Feather weight!

Cosmy Star is half as heavy as most conven­tional robotic cleaners. Its rapid drain system makes it wonder­fully easy to remove from the pool; good news for your back!.

cosmy my bot

Double filtration

Cosmy Star features two filter, one fitted into the other. This dual filtra­tion system traps even the tiniest parti­cles and leaves the water crystal clear.

Cosmy, twice as effi­cent!

Cosmy Star

Impeccably clean pool floors

Cosmy Star travels easily over every pool floor and every type of water­proofing finish.
It moves nimbly and adapts to any config­u­ra­tion.
Its opti­mized cleaning path ensures an impec­cable clean, what­ever the shape of the pool

Prac­tical and clev­erly designed

Cosmy is simple, clean and pleasant to use.
An indi­cator light warns you when the filter is full and needs to be emptied. At the touch of a button, the filter is freed and can be pulled out from above and cleaned, all without getting your hands dirty.

Well done Cosmy!

Cosmy Star Filtration

You like to change your outfit?

Cosmy does too!

Blue? Pink? Green? Purple?

With Cosmy, you don’t have to choose one color, there are eight to choose from and you can swap them out as often as you wish to match your mood or even the decor.

cosmy my bot

Technical details

Weight 12,67 lbs
Power Supply < 29 Volt, Jupiter
+ Cosmy Star App 
Power consumption < 150 Watt


Filter type Double Fine filter
Filter access Top access
Brush type Single PVC
Cable length 39,37 feat


Pool size up to 39 feat
Pool shape All shapes and waterproofing finishes
Cleaning type Floor, Wall & Waterline
Cleaning cylce duration 1.5, 2, 2.5 hours
Remote control Cosmy Star App
Navigation technology Smart Navigation
Beach entry detection


Guarantee  2 years + 1 additional year

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