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Water Filter for Coffee and Tea

Perfect coffee begins with perfect water. Experience the difference with our water and table water filters. This way, you improve your coffee and protect your household appliances.

Our call to all coffee lovers!

Woman enjoying espresso
Woman enjoying espresso
Woman enjoying espresso
Woman enjoying espresso

Descaled Water for the Coffee Machine

The key to a rich coffee aroma lies in BWT. Why?

  • Full Lime Protection: Protect your household appliances and extend their lifespan through effective lime protection.
  • Magnesium Addition: Experience how magnesium enhances the taste of your coffee and provides a clearer, more stable crema.
  • Removal of Chlorine: Chlorine in water causes unpleasant taste and odor. Our filters eliminate chlorine, thus improving the enjoyment of coffee.
  • Suitable for Every Machine: No matter which coffee machine you own, our filters are the recommended choice to get the best out of your device.
  • For Professional Baristas: Our filters are not only designed for private use. They also meet the high demands of professional baristas and guarantee a quality that is recognized in the industry and confirmed by numerous awards.


Enhance Tea with Lime Filters for the Kettle

Besides the benefits that our table water filters have on coffee, all these can also be used for the enjoyment of tea.

  • Full Lime Protection: Protect your teapots and kettles and extend their lifespan through effective lime protection. Lime deposits are minimized, which ensures a purer tea aroma.
  • Magnesium Addition: Discover how magnesium enriches the taste of your tea and provides a fuller, more aromatic flavor. The natural tea aromas are highlighted and intensified.
  • Removal of Chlorine: Chlorinated water has a strong intrinsic smell and taste. BWT filters remove chlorine from tap water.
  • For Tea Connoisseurs: Whether you occasionally drink a cup of tea or are a professional tea connoisseur: Without lime deposits and with added magnesium, you optimize every cup.
Woman enjoying espresso
Woman enjoying espresso

TOP PRODUCTS for the Best Coffee & Tea Experience

Filter technology
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BWT Vida Starter package
The compact one: Minimalist design and reliable reminder for timely cartridge changes
Table water filter AQUAlizer Magnesium filter cartridges
AQUAlizer jug and Magnesium Mineralized Water cartridge
Filter technology
Additional product
BWT AQUAlizer Magnesium Comfort package
For better performance: The AQUAlizer combined with 3 Magnesium Mineralized Water filter cartridges ensures a healthy muscle system and best taste for 3 months.
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Filter cartridge
BWT AQA drink Pure 2.0 with MyAQUA "Mineralizer" filter cartridge
Kitchen tap with C spout for filtered tap water - can be combined with any BWT AQA Drink filter cartridge
€339.00 €398.00

FAQs about Water Filters for Coffee and Tea

How can you descale water for the coffee machine?

To descale water for the coffee machine, a table water filter can be used. This filters lime and other contaminants from the tap water before it is filled into the coffee machine. This way, the water becomes softer, and the formation of lime deposits in the coffee machine is reduced, contributing to the preservation of the machine and the improvement of the coffee taste.

What is the best water for coffee?

For coffee preparation, soft, descaled water with a balanced mineral content, especially with an addition of magnesium, is best suited. Magnesium improves the extraction of coffee aromas, resulting in a fuller and richer taste.

What water should you use for filter coffee?

For preparing filter coffee, soft water with a low to medium mineral content is best suited to optimally extract the aromas. A balanced ratio of minerals, especially magnesium, promotes the development of the coffee's flavor nuances.

Which still water should you use for tea?

For tea preparation, still water with a balanced mineral content should be used, with a low lime content being particularly important so as not to affect the taste of the tea. Water with a high magnesium content supports the development of aromas and ensures a fuller taste experience. Both can be achieved with the BWT Magnesium Mineralized Water cartridges.

How do you get soft water for tea?

To get soft water for tea, you can use a water filter that removes limescale and other hard 
other hard minerals from the tap water. The MyAQUA Mineraliser can be installed directly in the kitchen tap for this purpose.

Can you make tea with tap water?

Yes, you can prepare tea with tap water, but the quality of the water can vary depending on the region and thus affect the taste of the tea. Using a BWT water filter helps optimize tap water by reducing lime and contaminants while adding minerals like magnesium that improve the taste of the tea.

What is the best water for tea?

The best water for tea is soft, mineral-balanced water that optimally brings out the taste of the tea leaves. A BWT table water filter helps to prepare tap water accordingly by removing lime and adding minerals that enhance the tea's flavors.

How do you make hard water soft?

To make hard water soft, a special water filter can be used. The cartridges remove lime from the water, thus improving water quality and protecting household appliances from lime deposits.




Treat local water and avoid single-use bottles.