Reverse Osmosis Systems

Remove 99.99% of all impurities

BWT P'URE Pink Reverse Osmosis Filter
Innovative water filtration technology for thorough cleaning of contaminants and bacteria in the water. Easy installation in your kitchen.
BWT Thero 90 Revers osmosis
The solution for particularly difficult cases
CROSS90 Reverse Osmosis
Efficient Reverse Osmosis with Space-Saving Design
Available again soon
Woman drinks from BWT Climate Bottle
Woman drinks from BWT Climate Bottle

Think global.

Drink Local.

Consumables & Accessories

Filter cartridges and membrane elements for regular replacement

600 GPD Membrane Element for Cross 90
Filterwechsel alle 24 Monate
BWT Thero Filter membrane
Filter membrane for reverse osmosis models "BWT Thero" and "BWT Thero 90 Pro"
CF Pre-filter for CROSS90
Filter change every 6 months
Replacement filter for BWT P'URE Pink reverse osmosis
Cartridge set for regular replacement of the filter element of your reverse osmosis system
CB Postfilter for Cross 90
Filter change every 12 months
Flow Rate
Membrane Elements for Reverse Osmosis Systems
Ensures stable and high quality of the purified drinking water

Reverse Osmosis System

With reverse osmosis technology, you enter a world where water is not just a liquid, but a promise of purity.

What is a reverse osmosis filter?

A reverse osmosis filter is a water treatment system that presses water under pressure through a membrane to remove impurities. This process separates pure water from contaminants such as salts, bacteria, chemicals, or pesticides.  

What does a reverse osmosis system filter from the water? 

A reverse osmosis system filters bacteria, viruses, and chemical contaminants, as well as salts and minerals from the water. To achieve the best possible water quality, BWT reverse osmosis filters remineralize the drinking water 

How do you install an osmosis system?

To install an osmosis system, connect it to the cold water line, install the waste water connection, and mount the special tap for purified water on the sink or countertop.


How long does an osmosis system take?

The water from the reverse osmosis flows at about 2 liters per minute through the faucet. The pressure is line-bound and can vary.


Where is an osmosis system connected?

An osmosis system is typically installed under the kitchen sink to provide direct access to purified drinking water. The installation includes connecting the system to the cold water line, attaching the waste water connection, and inserting the purified water tap on the countertop or sink.

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