Sand filter systems and pool pumps

The proper filter system and filter pump to circulate your pool water

BWT Sand filter units P-GFI
Complete set available in different versions with filter capacities between 4 m³/h and 11 m³/h
Sand filter boiler Astral/Bilbao
Robust kettle made of reinforced polypropylene incl. pressure gauge, tension ring and ventilation
Available again soon
Pump model
BWT i-star Filterpumpe
Innovative Filterpumpe mit extra großem Vorfilter und leiser Ausführung - in 3 Varianten erhältlich
Available again soon
Woman drinks from BWT Climate Bottle
Woman drinks from BWT Climate Bottle

Think global.

Drink Local.

BWT i-star Efficiency Filterpumpe
Infinity Filterpumpe: Besonders leise und stromsparend durch freie Drehzahlregulierung
Available again soon
Sand filter boiler P-FI
ABS injection moulded sand filter suitable for filter pump "P-AP", available in 2 different models
Available again soon

Sand Filter Systems & Filter Pumps

First-class pool water quality starts with water filtration

Why do I need a pool filter?

Pool filter systems are the heart of your swimming pool water treatment and thus the first step towards crystal clear, hygienically clean pool water. A filter system reliably removes coarse impurities from your pool by circulating and filtering the water.

Which filter system is best for my pool?

We particularly recommend sand filter systems for cleaning your swimming pool. These are usually filled with quartz sand, which acts as the actual filter. The water is pressed by a pool pump into the filter tank filled with sand, where the dirt is bound with sand and the cleaned water is fed back into your pool. It is important with sand filter systems that you change the sand every two to three years for optimal filter performance.

Why do I need a pool pump?

A filter pump circulates the water in your pool. Regardless of the size of your pool, we recommend that you run the pool pump for at least eight hours a day and completely circulate the pool water at least twice during this period. However, the more often you use your pool and the warmer your pool water is, the longer the filter runtime of the circulation pump should be. Ideally, you should not place your pool pump too far away from your pool - two to three metres is optimal. The pump shaft or technical room should also be dry - this extends the lifetime of your filter pump considerably. When buying a pool pump, you should also consider the right ratio to your filter tank - a pump that is too large is inefficient, as the sand in the tank would be pumped through with too much pressure.

Do I need pool chemicals for my filter system?

To further optimise the water quality of your pool, there are various pool water care products that you can use. If the pool water is cloudy - or to remove the finest particles from the bathing water - we advise you to add flocculants while the pool is circulating.