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Water dispenser with built-in filter function

Enjoy your mineralised drinking water at any time at your home

Set-up type
Water type
BWT AQA drink Pro 20
Water dispenser for the office or kitchen with 3 water options | for medium water consumption

Filter cartridges for water dispenser

BWT AQA drink Filtered Water Care TC200
Water filter for drinking water optimisation | 8,000 l
AQA drink
BWT AQA drink MPC400
Water filter for drinking water optimisation + magnesium | 1,600l
AQA drink
BWT AQA drink MPC500
Water filter for drinking water optimisation + magnesium | 2,250l

Accessoires for water dispenser

Suitable accessories for the BWT AQA drink models

CO² starter set for AQA drink water dispenser
Four CO² bottles incl. deposit: For sparkling drinking pleasure at your home
CO² Refill Box for AQA drink water dispenser
In exchange for four empty CO² cylinders, you get four refilled cylinders back, for uninterrupted drinking pleasure.
BWT EasyCare Tab
Insert with integrated cleaning tablet
BWT EasyCare Adapter
Adapter for use with a BWT EasyCare Tab

Water dispenser

Best water - simply cooled, hot, still or sparkling

What are the benefits of having a water dispenser at home?

For one, regular tap water often has too much lime, chlorine, copper or lead. A high lime content in the water not only leaves unsightly deposits on your glasses, but can also have a negative effect on the life of your coffee machine, tea maker, steamer and other kitchen appliances. Other substances or residues from agriculture affect the taste of the water in an unfavourable way. By using a BWT tap water dispenser at home, you can counteract precisely these problems. In addition, with the help of a water dispenser, you have the option of simply adding CO2 to your tap water - and can thus also enjoy sparkling water at the touch of a button at any time. This makes a BWT water dispenser a practical and environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water - transporting, storing and disposing of disposable plastic bottles is now a thing of the past.

How does a water dispenser work?

With a BWT AQA drink water dispenser, you have the option of filtering your drinking water and mineralising it with valuable magnesium simply at the touch of a button - the result is hot, cooled, still or sparkling water, depending on your preference. For special hygiene, the units are additionally equipped with UV disinfection at the outlet. For the commissioning and installation of the water dispenser, we recommend that you ask an expert in your area for help.

How often does the water dispenser need to be maintained?

The maintenance interval of your BWT water dispenser depends on the amount of water you use and the quality of your tap water - please consider the filter capacity of the filter cartridge you are using. Our recommendation is to have the filter cartridge replaced by qualified personnel at least every six months or to clean and disinfect the water dispenser every six months. The UV lamp used for sterilisation should also be replaced every six months; however, this also depends on the number of water withdrawals.

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