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The best water for your home

Enjoy silky-soft water for showering, protect your installation with a home water filter or find out about sustainable protection for your heating system. BWT has the best solution for you for all applications.

Clean shower without limescale stains

The Quick & Clean anti-limescale solution from BWT is connected directly to your shower fitting and reduces the limescale content of your water. This gives you a clean bathroom and means you have to clean less.

BWT Quick & Clean anti-limescale filter system
Protects glass, shower, bath and fittings from limescale and simplifies cleaning. Easy installation in 3 min.
-8 %
Top seller
Limescale filter system for shower
Shower with Quick and Clean filter system
Quick & Clean anti-limescale filter system set
Saver pack incl. 4 filter cartridges. Protects glass, shower, bath and fittings from limescale and simplifies cleaning.
€114.90 €124.80

Silky-soft water throughout the house

Woman with washing machine
Woman with washing machine
BWT water softeners turn hard water into "silky soft BWT pearl water".

Depending on the region, our water is enriched with different minerals, including calcium, which is responsible for water hardness.

Regions with very hard water struggle with limescale deposits in everyday life. BWT pearl water systems, which work according to the ion exchanger principle, remove the hardness-causing substances from the water and transform it into silky-soft BWT pearl water - to the highest standards of quality and hygiene.

With silky-soft BWT pearl water, you can enjoy soft laundry, shiny hair, protect your appliances and save money!

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BWT Water Softener

BWT Perla Seta
Multi Info Touch Display
BWT Perla Home
Self-check by means of Auto Check function
BWT Perla Hybrid
100 % connectivity via GSM, WLAN, LAN and BWT Best Water Home App
BWT Perla One
Simplex system for 24 hours pearl water

BWT Domestic Water:

With comfort!

Learn more!

Woman with washing machine
Woman with washing machine

Total hardness test kit & consumables

BWT Pearl Water Check Hardness Test Strips
For determination of the total hardness of the water
BWT AQA test total hardness measuring set
To determine the total hardness of the water
BWT Ioclean - 4 pieces
Cleaning tablets for water softener for 6-month operator maintenance
Installation in the basement
Installation in the basement
Your installation for the best water throughout the house

You should plan well in advance for a new build.

The right water treatment will safeguard your investment for so many years. But you should also discuss the most important items with your plumber when renovating or converting.

We offer you all the components you need for the best water throughout your home. From water filters for the domestic water supply to softening systems and heating water treatment.

Woman at the pool

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