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 The heating requirements of a swimming pool vary according to the time of year, the weather, etc. BWT’s teams therefore work to meet 4 key challenges: reduce electricity consumption, reduce noise pollution, limit excess current at start-up and extend product life.

To achieve this, BWT and the CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment) have developed a thermal calculation core for swimming pools.

In order to ensure the optimal size of your heating and dehumidification equipment, this calculation takes into account the performance of the various heating systems, the weather conditions and the characteristics of your pool, both in terms of its layout and how it is used.

Heat pumps Heat pumps Heat pumps

Heat pumps

Heat pumps

Appreciate the silence... Enjoy the performance!

BWT Mitsu­bishi Power Inverter (MPI)

Performance and power. Ideal for large pools!

A BWT M.P.I. heat pump compensates for extremely low outside air temperatures by injecting hot gas directly into the compressor. By injecting a liquid/gas mixture into the compressor, a lower discharge temperature can be achieved while maintaining a high COP (coefficient of performance).

The low sound power of this reversible machine, which is compatible with a 60 Hz power supply, will add to your relaxation.

Heat pump Mitsubishi Power Inverter

BWT Mitsu­bishi Zubadan (MZI)

Silently heat your indoor pool!

The BWT Mitsubishi Zubadan Inverter (M.Z.I.) heat pump boasts technical features similar to those of a BWT M.P.I. heat pump.

However, an M.Z.I. can maintain up to 80% of its performance, even at very low outside air temperatures.

The BWT M.Z.I. heat pump is therefore a genuine four-season machine, specifically designed for heating indoor swimming pools used all year round, where it is absolutely essential to maintain the nominal heat output.

Heat pump Mitsubishi Zubadan

BWT FI Connect EF

Perfect temperature, minimum energy consumption and great acoustic comfort!

FI CONNECT EF from BWT is a range of heat pumps among the most efficient on the market. Both powerful and discreet, the Full Inverter technology ensures optimised, energy-efficient and silent operation. This means your heat pump will always be at optimum performance, reducing noise levels, increasing heating capacity and offering you greater bathing comfort at the lowest energy cost.

Heat pump BWT FI Connect EF

BWT Inverter Hori­zon­tal

Modulate power, maintain silence, manage heat!

The BWT Horizontal Inverter range offers a choice of power ratings to suit all types and sizes of swimming pool. Its ceramic coating, touch control and Wi-Fi module make it a quality product that’s efficient and easy to use.

BWT Inverter horizontal heat pumps offer guarantees and performance certified by TÜV Rheinland.

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Heat Pump BWT inverter horizontale


Ultra tech, ultra discreet!

The BWT Pearl HPT heat pump provides comfort and calm for an enjoyable bathing experience. It is particularly suited to small spaces around the pool.

BWT Pearl HPT is also at the cutting edge of technology, with its smartphone connectivity, innovative design, large touch-sensitive control screen, secure remote monitoring, remote diagnostics and all-weather defrost mode. Check it out!

Heat pump BWT Pearl HTP

BWT Inverter Connect IC

High-performance, silent and reversible!

The BWT Inverter Connect reversible heat pump automatically optimises its power to ensure maximum efficiency and one of the lowest noise levels in its category!

Thanks to its exclusive intelligent control system, the BWT Inverter Connect heat pump regulates its output according to the water temperature, but also according to the ambient temperature, to ensure the right bathing temperature at all times, an efficient COP and very low noise levels.

Find our more about the BWT Inverter Connect IC
Heat pump BWT Inverter Connect

BWT MyPOOL Inverter

The BWT myPOOL Inverter heat pump operates with an Inverter compressor that can vary from 20 to 100% of its output, depending on operating conditions and outdoor temperature. The BWT myPOOL Inverter heat pump recovers heat from the ambient air and transfers it to the water in your pool.


  • GMCC compressor
  • Titanium heat exchanger
  • Magnetic flow switch for total isolation between water and electricity
Find out more about the BWT myPOOL Inverter
Heat pump BWT Inverter


The ultra-compact BWT myPOOL heat pump is perfect for heating above-ground swimming pools and spas up to 15 m³.


  • Ultra-compact size
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Simple connection to all filtration systems
  • Uses a conventional power socket
  • Simple, intuitive adjustment via an electronic LCD controller
Find out more about the BWT Mini heat pump
Heat pump BWT myPOOL Mini

BWT Mini Connect MyPOOL

The compact, connected solution!

Ideally suited to wooden, above-ground, semi in-ground or in-ground pools, the BWT Mini Connect mini heat pump is powerful, lightweight and easy to install and move. It connects easily to all filtration systems. And if your pool area has Wi-Fi, this is the model for you!

Heat pump BWT myPOOL Mini connect
BWT Heat exchanger BWT Heat exchanger BWT Heat exchanger

Heat exchangers

Titanium heat exchangers

Heat exchange for enhanced comfort!

Titanium spiral plate heat exchangers + Pre-assembled Titanium heat exchangers

Design, innovation and ever-better performance!

The BWT heat exchanger is designed to be installed as a bypass on both the boiler or heat pump circuit and the pool’s hydraulic circuit.
This spiral plate heat exchanger is made from titanium or stainless steel, which are durable materials, and provides excellent efficiency thanks to its large heat exchange surface area. In the enclosed version, all the components required for correct operation are pre-assembled for direct connection to the filtration circuit.

BWT titanium heat exchanger
BWT Dehumidifiers BWT Dehumidifiers BWT Dehumidifiers



Air excellence!

DG dehumidifiers + DG-CE dehumidifiers

To get the best out of your indoor pool or spa, opt for the very best in dehumidification.

With their latest-generation technology, BWT duct and built-in dehumidifiers have won over the very demanding industrial construction and theatre sectors. They are also suitable for domestic use.

By choosing BWT, you ensure your comfort and peace of mind and protect your assets.

BWT Dehumidifier

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