The BWT Inverter Connect heat pump automatically optimises its performance to ensure the best efficiency and achieve one of the lowest noise levels in its class!

Fullinverter heat pump
Thanks to the exclusive intelligent control system, the BWT Inverter Connect heat pump regulates its output not only according to the water temperature, but also depending on the ambient temperature to always ensure the right bathing temperature, a powerful COP and a very low noise level. 3 intuitive modes to choose from: Max, Eco or Silent.

With the WIFI module, the BWT Inverter Connect heat pump can be monitored at any time on the Inverter smartphone app with just a few clicks. Not only is the current data displayed in real time, the heat pump can also be controlled at any time and from any location. Attention: The WIFI module can only be used if the heat pump is installed in a location with WIFI.

Conventional on/off heat pumps have a constant noise level - even when the water temperature approaches its set point. In contrast, the compressor of the BWT Inverter Connect heat pump slows down noticeably as soon as the water temperature approaches its setpoint. As a result, the noise level drops to a minimum.

Technical details

Product number: 125505470
App control: Yes
COP at 20 % of nominal power (at 15 °C air and 26 °C water): 6,6
COP at 20 % of nominal power (at 26 °C air and 26 °C water): 10,5
COP at 100 % of nominal power (at 15 °C air and 26 °C water): 5,6
COP at 100 % of nominal power (at 26 °C air and 26 °C water): 7,0
Compressor: 2D Full DC Inverter
Connection: 50
Coolant: R 32
Dimensions in mm (w x h x d): 300 x 500 x 830 mm
Heating capacity in kW (15 °C air & 26 °C water): 5,5
Heating capacity in kW (26 °C air & 26 °C water): 6,8
Housing: Epoxy metal coating
Inverter technology: Yes
Max. Power consumption (A): 7.3
Modes: Max, Eco and Silent
Operating temperature: 0 - 38 °C
Recommended swimming pool volume: 15 - 30 m³
Type of heat exchanger: Spiral titanium
Weight: 40 kg

Pool Water Care

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