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Product Number: 812916P
  • Rengøring med et enkelt tryk på en knap – beskytter bruser og bad mod kalkaflejringer
  • Sparer dyre rengøringsmidler – rent uden at tørre efter
  • Fri for skadelige kemikalier
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Product details

Lime and soap residues create unsightly deposits in showers, bathrooms and on shower room walls. The BWT Quick & Clean anti-limescale filter system save you having to scrub and remove shower partitions, fittings and tiles – laborious cleaning is replaced by the simple push of a button, with no chemical agents used. The water hardness – meaning the lime content in the water – determines how often cleaning is required.

Easy to install

Install the filter between the fitting and shower hose
BWT QuickClean Slider Step1

Simply press the button

After showering, activate BWT Quick & Clean at the push of a button
BWT QuickClean Slider Step2

Easy to rinse away

Shower, tiles and fittings can be rinsed down with soft water
BWT QuickClean Slider Step3

Sparkling clean

The soft water ensures a brilliant shine without any need for follow-up wiping
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BWT QuickClean Mood
BWT QuickClean Mood
BWT Quick & Clean Filter System

Quick & Clean-filtre til brusere

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88% of testers were impressed with the product and gave the BWT Quick & Clean anti-limescale system a positive rating on www.WomanWeb.de, Facebook and in blogs

85% of testers said that it reduces the required cleaning effort by 50% or even more.

87% of testers would recommend the BWT Quick & Clean anti-limescale system

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