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Filter technology
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ZINC + Magnesium Mineralized Water 6-pack
Benefits of ZINC: Strengthens the immune system and defences. Promotes the growth of skin, hair and nails.
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BWT Filter Cartridge Soft Filtered Water EXTRA
Filter cartridge
Filter technology
Packaging unit
Soft Filtered Water 6 Pack
Reliably protects household appliances from limescale deposits.
The BWT AQUAlizer table water filter brings state-of-the-art aesthetics and technology into your home. Thanks to the patented BWT filter technology, the elegant, puristically designed table water filter transforms your local tap water into tasty water. This way, your muscles are well supplied and nothing stands in the way of an excellent sports performance!

Easy to use
The operation is simple and straightforward: Simply insert a BWT filter cartridge of your choice into the table water filter, pour in water directly from the tap and wait about five minutes. Then the entire contents should be filtered and ready for use.

Special feature of the AQUAlizer: The electronic change indicator "Baselight" reminds you to change the filter cartridge by a coloured light in the bottom of the table water filter:
  • Pink = full filter performance
  • Blue= cartridge needs to be changed
PS: The battery of the LED indicator can easily be changed by yourself and at any time.
Product features
Product number: 125302079-A
Capacity: 2,6 l
Colour: White
Dimensions in mm (w x h x d): 11.5 x 26.4 x 28.7 cm
Filter change indicator: LED display "Baselight"
Filtered water capacity: 1,4 l
Before using the BWT table water filter system for the first time or after replacing the filter cartridge, you should clean the jug, funnel and lid with washing-up liquid and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Do not use any abrasive cleaning agent or a scouring pad, as this may leave scratch marks on the BWT table water filter. The jug and funnel are dishwasher-safe. The lid must not be washed in the dishwasher.

In order to achieve the best possible performance of the filter, we recommend soaking the new filter cartridge in tap water for five minutes and then pouring this water away.

Then insert the new filter cartridge into the funnel of the table water filter system with slight pressure.

If the table water filter is equipped with the automatic "Easy-Fill" filling system in the lid, the lid does not need to be removed when filling. The "Easy-Fill" system opens automatically when the water jet hits the opening and closes automatically after filling.
Please pour away the first filtered water filling and fill the BWT table water filter system again. Initially, there may be fine black particles in the water. This is completely harmless activated carbon that is flushed out of the filter. In this case, we recommend refilling until the water is clear and free of particles.

The BWT table water filter system is now ready to use.
The technical highlight of the new BWT AQUAlizer is the electronic "Baselight" change indicator. It flashes to indicate the right time to change the filter.
No, neither the table water filter nor the filter cartridges are made of plastics that release plasticisers such as BPA into the water. This is strictly monitored through migration tests by independent institutes.
The table water filter is made of SAN and ABS. PP and PPS are used to manufacture the filter cartridges.
For the Baselight you need a DL/CR 2450.

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