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Change the World Change the World

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Change The World Sip By Sip Change The World Sip By Sip

Enjoy mineralized water directly out of the tap, the table water filter or the water dispenser.

Change The World Sip By Sip Change The World Sip By Sip
change the world change the world
plastic bottles are gener­ated world­wide per minute and trans­ported around the globe
there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans
the trans­port of goods will increase

Time to change

For many years, we have seen the plastic waste moun­tain on earth grow rapidly. This poses a massive threat to us and our fragile ecosys­tems. With our initia­tive "Change the World - sip by sip" we have launched an appeal: Let's change some­thing! Every day, sip by sip.

World video
World video


BWT has set itself the goal of providing local tap water in the best drinking water quality all over the world.

We want to ensure that our Planet Blue remains livable for future generations. We have it in our own hands: 1.2 million plastic bottles produced every minute worldwide must be reduced to a minimum. We have to take responsibility for this!

Sustainability, social responsibility and the conscious use of limited resources is an elementary part of our DNA. That’s what our Vision "Change the World – sip by sip" stands for.

Gesundes Wasser trinken Gesundes Wasser trinken


It is easy to contribute, without compro­mise, and can be imple­mented at home as well as in restau­rants, hotels and in work­places. Our initia­tive aims to avoid dispos­able bottles and thus reduce moun­tains of plastic waste.

Thanks to our inno­v­a­tive, patented tech­nolo­gies, local tap water – regard­less of quality – is filtered, treated and enriched with valu­able minerals and trace elements such as magne­sium, zinc or sili­cates. Because BWT has set itself the task of making water better. So fresh, tasty water comes directly from the tap. We act in the inter­ests of our envi­ron­ment, because no dispos­able plastic bottles must be bought and disposed of. There is also no need for stren­uous hauling or storing water bottles.

Climate Bottle Climate Bottle


Do you want to do without disposable and plastic bottles in the future? And enjoying best, locally produced, mineralized water at work, restaurant, hotel or at home.

BE THE CHANGE Products – at work

BWT Produkte Office
BWT Produkte Office

BE THE CHANGE Product – at home

BWT Produkte Home
BWT Produkte Home

BWT Climate Bottles

Climate Bottles
CLimate Bottles


We are happy to support events that rely on environmentally friendly solutions.

As the official Water-Partner of the Salzburg Festival, for example, we supply artists, employees and guests with BWT magnesium mineralized water from our BWT Water Power dispensers. This gives us the opportunity to convey our message in an eye-catching way.

If you want to leave a lasting impression on your guests with your event, we are happy to help you.

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Best Water Hotels & Restau­rants

Get an idea of the sustain­able and resource-​​saving handling of the elixir water in Best Water Hotels and Restau­rants.

Without unnec­es­sary trans­port routes, without unnec­es­sary plastic waste, but with a lot of inno­v­a­tive spirit, knowl­edge and respon­si­bility, local water is handled here.

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BWH Hotels

You never drink alone – b.WaterMISSION

BWT has always been committed to helping people in need. Social responsibility is not a buzzword for us, but a corporate culture that has been lived for a long time. That is why we support people in Africa who do not have access to clean drinking water with the b.WaterMission project.

As part of the b.WaterMISSION project, a total of 10,000 wells are being constructed in Africa and surrounding areas with the help of BWT to give local people access to clean drinking water. One example to address our BWT vision, “Change the world, sip by sip”.

Discover b.waterMISSION
b Water Mission
Be The Change
Be The Change




BWT is setting more and more pink highlights in sports. The French Formula 1 Team BWT Alpine F1 is the latest addition to the sporty BWT family.

The unique PINK BWT branding will be used to carry the joint visionary campaign "Change the World – sip by sip" and the associated social responsibility beyond the racetracks into the world. BWT Climate Bottles instead of single-use plastic bottles throughout the paddock are just the first steps, which will be followed by many more committed steps.

Joining forces to convince as many people around the world as possible, our employees, partners, customers and fans to reduce plastic waste and fight together against the unfair distribution of clean, safe and healthy drinking water is the declared goal of the BWT Alpine F1 Team.

Esteban Ocon & Pierre Gasly

The BWT Alpine F1® Team, of the Formula 1 motor­sports series, races on the circuits of the world, with the two French-​born driver Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly. The young racers, who have known each other since child­hood, complete the inno­v­a­tive and change-​driven team and stand out as role models for sustain­ability in Formula 1.
Gasly Ocon Bottle

Our Change Ambassadors

Gasly drinking water

Pierre Gasly, BWT Alpine F1 Team

I am super excited for the upcoming season with BWT and Alpine! I think the use of water without plastic bottles is an amazing and important opportunity for all of us. So I am very excited about this new chapter and to Change the World – sip by sip together with BWT.

Kristina Hammer

Kristina Hammer - Salzburger Festspiele

We are delighted to have BWT as our latest main sponsor, enabling us to make a clear statement on sustainability and save thousands of unnecessary plastic bottles.

Ocon drinking

Esteban Ocon - BWT Alpine F1 Driver

BWT gives us the opportunity to deal responsibly with the resource water and I think that’s a great and simple way to do something good for our planet and for oneself.

Norbert Niederkofler

Norbert Niederkofler, AlpINN Restau­rant at the Kron­platz - South Tyrol

We resign from pre-produced bottled water in factories. This means that we avoid unnec­es­sary trans­port and consump­tion of bottles.


Halvor Egner Granerud, Ski Jumper

I am very happy to become a new BWT Sport family member and to stand for the mission to `Change the World – sip by sip’ with so many other athletes. To reuse local water is such a great way to help our planet and to use existing resources and not plastic or glass.

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We are happy to help you if you want to make your home, your workplace, your restaurant, your hotel or your event more climate friendly with the help of BWT BE THE CHANGE Products.
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