Water for hydrogen production

Ultra-pure water is the most important raw material to produce green hydrogen.
Signe H2 dans un globe rose avec des éoliennes et du solaire.

Age of hydrogen

The key for sustainability with renewable energies.

Climate change and limi­ta­tion of fossil energy sources require re-​evaluation of our energy supply. Hydrogen emerges as a leading option for a sustain­able energy supply for mobility, trans­port, and indus­trial produc­tion. Renew­able energy alone cannot fulfil all demands without effec­tive energy conver­sion and storage solu­tions; thus, hydrogen is essen­tial for a reli­able energy supply.

The role of hydrogen as a clean replace­ment for fossil fuels depends on the produc­tion by elec­trol­ysis of water using power from renew­ables like hydropower, wind, or solar energy.

Age of Hydrogen
Age of Hydrogen

H2 pioneer since 1997

Fumatech is member of the BWT group.

Utilizing the syner­gies between BWT‘s lead­er­ship in water treat­ment tech­nolo­gies and Fumatech‘s cutting-​​edge membrane tech­nology, we make signif­i­cant contri­bu­tions to the following areas in the hydrogen cycle:

  • BWT: Water treat­ment and purifi­ca­tion for elec­trolyzers
  • Fumatech: Highly stable ion exchange membranes for elec­trolyzers
  • Fumatech: Energy effi­cient membranes for fuel cells
  • Fumatech: Bipolar and monopolar membranes for CCU, Carbon Capture and Power-​​to-X

Research and invest­ment since more than 25 years into the membrane tech­nology for hydrogen produc­tion and energy storage tech­nolo­gies.

Inno­v­a­tive membrane tech­nology by Fumatech BWT

The membrane makes the differ­ence.

Fumatech BWT has comprehensive knowledge in all aspects of membranes‘ productions. The company pursues two important electrochemical application fields: water treatment and energy-related applications.

  • Membranes for Polymer electrolyte membranes for electrolysis and fuel cells application are based on PFSA polymer.
  • Membranes are typically produced in reinforced version in order to eliminate swelling for large cells.
  • Membrane’s properties such as thickness and equivalent weight can be adjusted upon request.
  • Membranes for alkaline water electrolysis are tailored for either circuit with concentrated KOH or for KOH-free circuit. The membranes are available in customized width up to 150 cm and customized length up to 300 m.

Not all water is appro­priate for hydrogen produc­tion

Depending on the source of the water, it can contain numerous chemical and biological impurities. For hydrogen production, water in its purest form is required. Municipal water or water from any natural source cannot be used directly.

Water treatment plants are key component to achieve the necessary purity in the water. Following the motto „everything from a single source” BWT could offer innovative and environmentally friendly water treatment systems for hydrogen production.

There are various processes for producing hydrogen. Some use hydrocarbons, others biomass, but the most environmentally friendly process is electrolysis of water using renewable, clean energy. Raw water in its natural form is not an appropriate source for producing green hydrogen. It must be pre-treated for removal of suspended solids, iron, manganese, and other contaminants, desalinated to be free of minerals and finally purified to pure and ultrapure water quality. All individual treatment processes and unit operations will be managed by a single control system.

Age of Hydrogen
Age of Hydrogen

Water in it's purest form

More than 25 years experience in BWT

BWT has specialist expertise in meeting these highest standards and, with decades of experience, BWT is one of the world’s leading supplier of critical and highly purified media for Pharma & Biotech.

Product by BWT
Modular, scalable and tailored to your needs

Water purification for hydrogen production requires a dedicated water treatment system made with a combination of suitable technologies. BWT provides industry-leading technologies and products with highest standards to achieve any required water quality.

Ideal combinations of the products:

  • BWT Water Softening System
  • BWT Reverse Osmosis System
  • BWT Electrodeionization System
  • BWT Loop System/Circuit Treatment with Integrated Ion Exchanger
  • BWT System Control

Standard Performance Sizes:

  • Production of feed water quality with a conductivity of < 5 μS/cm to < 0.1 μS/cm
  • Standard capacities from 200 to 10,000 l/h

We plan your individual request for ultra-pure water

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