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It is very impor­tant to BWT to do the right thing in our busi­ness

Our Code of Conduct

Under the slogan "For You and Planet Blue", BWT has consolidated its measures to meet the growing market and compliance demands for sustainable and responsible business.

"FOR YOU" comprises responsibility for the employees and the social environment (customers, partners, state, as well as people who are in need of assistance). In this regard, the following key points are applicable:

  • Corporate culture: At BWT, a sustainable way of thinking and acting forms the basis for innovation and success.
  • BWT assumes responsibility for society and for future generations by complying with the basic rules, laws and standards outlined in the Code of Conduct, for example. As a result, BWT ensures the safety, health and hygiene of our employees and the whole social environment in the best possible way.

"AND PLANET BLUE" covers all of BWT's tasks and objectives to counteract the overexploitation of our "Mother Earth". Above all, a reduction of our CO2 footprint and the circular economy is being promoted.

We are confident that compliance with the Code of Conduct will also give the "BWT" brand essential values and we urge all members of the BWT Group to adhere to the provisions laid out in the Code of Conduct.

Together let's focus on integrity and compliance.

With your assistance, we can identify and clarify deficits, grievances and misconduct at an early stage. Reliable information helps us counter and correct violations early on, and to prevent harm to our company. Tips and information may be submitted by any employee of the BWT Group, as well as any customers, suppliers or other third parties anywhere in the world.

We trust in your integrity and thank you for your trust and cooperation.

The single most important principle guiding our whistleblower system (BKMS® Incident Reporting) is to protect the whistleblower. Anonymity protection functions are certified by an independent body.

In order to be able to fully investigate tip-offs, it is often necessary to question the whistleblower. For this reason, it is important that the whistleblower disclose his or her identity. However, we understand that there may be obstacles to providing information and that whistleblowers may prefer to remain anonymous. The whistleblower system therefore also allows anonymous tip-offs.

Tip-offs are kept anonymous through encryption and other special security routines.

Certi­fied secu­rity for your data

Business Keeper GmbH
Bayreuther Straße 35
10789 Berlin, Germany

What happens after my report?

In order to be able to guarantee an objective initial assessment of all tips, all tips are first forwarded directly to our external lawyer of confidence. He is professionally bound to secrecy and will maintain the anonymity of the whistleblower - also towards BWT.

After a report, you can set up a protected mailbox in our system to which only you have access. You can use this mailbox to communicate with our legal counsel - anonymously if you wish. The lawyer will carry out an initial check. Once the check has been completed, he or she forwards the information and the results to the BWT Compliance Team.

The protected mailbox also allows you to communicate with our BWT Compliance Team.

The BWT Compli­ance Team

Legal Counsel

IPB Solicitors
Eberhard-Fugger-Str. 5
A-5020 Salzburg

What are the conse­quences when viola­tions are found?

Every affected party is treated fairly and with respect when violations are investigated. This also means that all such matters are handled with the strictest confidentiality.
If you have further questions about the BWT whistleblower system, please contact our Compliance Team at [email protected].


The protection and security of the personal data of customers, suppliers, business partners and employees in accordance with the Europe-wide requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are of particular concern to us. If you have any questions in this regard, please read our data protection regulations or contact us at [email protected]

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