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BWT provides optimum quality water for swimming pools and spas. As a full-service provider, we also provide expertise and products for energy-efficient swimming pool systems.
Pool Pool

Swimming Pools & Spas


Decades of experience make us the ideal partner for your indoor or outdoor pool project. We will work closely with you from the initial planning stage through to implementation and the maintenance of your installation.
Pool Pool

Swimming Pools & Spas

Pool Water

Our medium is swimming-pool water

BWT is a proven expert in the water treatment sector, and therefore your perfect partner for the entire spectrum of pool technology. We plan and design water treatment processes and develop innovative technologies to supply top quality swimming pool water. The combination of the most advanced process technology and quality BWT products guarantees that your guests and visitors can enjoy pristine, safe, crystal-clear water.


One Stop Shop

Rooftop swimming pool in the alps
Rooftop swimming pool in the alps

Perfect water from pool professionals

Water treatment for swimming pools, hotel pools, public pools, outdoor pools, spas and wellness facilities of all sizes – these are our areas of expertise. We also develop specific solutions, for example for treating raw or thermal water, or for creating the most suitable water for ornamental fountains and show pools. Whatever the application, our aim is to provide the best quality water for you and your guests.

From planning to the finished indoor or outdoor pool

BWT not only supplies the best quality water for your finished pool, but also the swimming pool itself, starting with the first sketches right through to implementation. Our commitment begins with the planning, including the specific pool features and pool surround. The coordination and completion of the construction phase is then managed by our experienced project managers.
Our installation specialists ensure that the installation of the pool is trouble-free. Following the successful implementation of your project we will, of course, assemble all the care products required to keep your pool water in perfect condition, and the BWT service team will always be there to support you. BWT remote maintenance gives our technicians direct access to your system, enabling them to carry out urgent tasks even more efficiently. The reliability and expertise we’ve accumulated over many years make BWT your perfect choice of partner for indoor and outdoor pools.

Types of Pool

Create an incomparable bathing experience for your guests! You can design your very own pool system to your precise specifications with the help of BWT’s high-quality materials and a range of different pool options.
Rooftop swimming pool in the alps broadway engineering

For a clean pool

BWT Robotic pool cleaners make regular main­te­nance work on your pool much easier. These little helpers ensure optimal cleaning for clear water and immac­u­late surfaces.

For extra comfort, choose a model with an app connec­tion and conve­niently control the cleaning of your pool via a smart­phone or tablet. So nothing will stand in your way of having a beau­tiful and, above all, clean pool.

BWT Robotic pool cleaners can be bought directly from our online shop or at specialist retailers.


Pool robot clean pool Pool robot clean pool

Measurement and Control Technology

Measurement and control devices, like the BWT Bermuda MSR 3, ensure that all the predefined settings for swimming pool water are reliably maintained, enabling the recommended care products to be used much more effectively. In addition, the measurement and control equipment supplied by BWT ensures that all the processes run smoothly. The systems are easy to use and require minimal effort.

We have the right solution for every pool, swimming pool or spa, regardless of the dimensions.
BWT Bermuda MSR product image broadway engineering

Ozone Technology

Hygiene has top priority in every indoor or outdoor swimming pool, and can be guaranteed by a high-performance ozone system, such as BWT Bewazon. Ozone systems are used to oxidise the water to reduce contamination and to ensure the effective disinfection of the swimming pool water.

This innovative method is eco-friendly, safe and economical.
BWT Bewazon product image broadway engineering

BWT Energy Solutions

BWT Energy Solutions teaser image
BWT Energy Solutions teaser image
Rising energy prices and increasingly scarce resources require careful handling of our environment and new approaches to the pool sector. BWT is also committed to energy efficiency through its ‘Energy Solutions’. Customised energy solutions and state-of-the-art products ensure that your swimming pool and your entire home automation systems function efficiently.

Save money with BWT

Big improvements are often possible with minimal effort, whether in energy optimisation, energy recovery or to modernise a treatment plant. The savings achieved not only help recoup the investment, but also increase the value of your plant, and this BWT service helps you save money and protect the environment at the same time.


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