Magnesium Mineralized Water


As we all know, taste can be highly personal, but there's no doubt when it comes to what tastes good, and Magnesium Mineralized Water is a genuine taste experience.

Magnesium mineralized water


Unique, available only from BWT

BWT enhances your tap water, whether with the compact Magnesium Mineralizer table water filter or your convenient drinking water dispenser. The addition of magnesium balances the mineral content of the tap water, while calcium, extraneous particles and chlorine are filtered out. The result is an almost neutral pH, which is perceived by water gourmets as particularly soft and pleasant-tasting.

Unique Magnesium Technology

We have developed a special filtration method that makes good water even better! The core of BWT’s unique, patented magnesium technology is the filter. It takes five filtration stages to enhance your tap water and turn it into pleasant-tasting Magnesium Mineralized Water. In the process, we remove odourless and taste-impairing substances and enrich the water with precious magnesium, thereby maintaining the mineral content in balance at an almost neutral pH value. Magnesium Mineralized Water gives an extra boost to your daily magnesium intake.

BWT Penguin Tischwasserfilter Produkt Teaserbild
BWT Penguin table water filter product teaser image

Optimum taste & full aroma

BWT’s Magnesium Mineralizer table filter enhances your water with its globally unique technology. It works like this: fill the jug with water directly from the tap, leave it to flow through the filter and enjoy! Taste-impairing substances, e.g. chlorine, are filtered from the water, the calcium content is reduced and extraneous particles are removed. The water is then enriched with magnesium, which results in filtered Magnesium Mineralized Water that not only tastes great on its own, but also brings out the full flavour of coffee and tea.

Woman holding a bottle of mineralized water
Woman holding a bottle of mineralized water

For a healthy lifestyle

Magnesium is a vital mineral that stimulates the cardiovascular system and mental capacity and is important for our muscle condition. Magnesium also boosts the immune system and plays a central part in our nervous system, thus helping to alleviate stress. And it is a well-known fact that an absence of stress improves the quality of sleep.


Enviromental awareness

However, you’re not the only one who benefits from water from a Magnesium Mineralizer; you also help the environment, because you avoid the cost and inconvenience of buying and transporting expensive bottled water and can rely instead on a smart, environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic.

BWT Penguin table water filter next to water bottles
BWT Penguin table water filter next to water bottles

In addition, filtered water is a reliable means of protecting your household appliances like kettles and coffee machines from limescale deposits. Another “nice-to-have” bonus is that the Magnesium Mineralizer looks good, as confirmed by the many awards it has received – and it fits perfectly into any fridge.

Magnesium Mineralized Water for the Home

The BWT Magnesium Mineralizer is the smart alternative to plastic bottles, and can convert your tap water into pleasant-tasting Magnesium Mineralized Water.

BWT Magnesium Mineralizer

The Magnesium Mineralizer not only reduces the level of calcium and other particles in the water, but also removes extraneous substances that affect its taste and smell, while enriching the water with the precious mineral magnesium.

Benefits at glance:

  • Pleasant-tasting water direct from the tap 
  • The precious magnesium allows tea and coffee to develop a fuller aroma 
  • Provides effective protection against limescale for household appliances such as coffee machines and kettles 
  • Helps to reduce plastic waste 


Magnesium Mineralizer broadway engineering

Magnesium Mineralized Water in the Office

Why not provide pleasant-tasting, Magnesium Mineralized Water in the office or doctor’s waiting room? Well, you can! The attractive drinking water dispensers supplied by BWT deliver perfect Magnesium Mineralized Water at the push of a button. And you can enjoy it at room temperature, refreshingly cool, sparkling or hot. Another minor detail: the water for the dispenser also comes straight from the mains supply.

BWT Drinking Water Dispenser

BWT drinking water dispensers have a high level of functionality, are in a class of their own and are particularly well suited for use in offices and businesses, at events and in public sector organisations.

All BWT AQA drink water dispensers have an impressive modern design, but that’s not all; they use water directly from the mains, and the integrated magnesium filter cartridge then filters the water and adds magnesium. You then receive cold, sparkling, room-temperature or hot water at the touch of a button, and plain tap water is transformed into a unique taste experience!

BWT AQA Drink 40 product image broadway engineering
AQA drink Wasserspender
AQA drink Wasserspender

Water and Magnesium in the Hospitality Industry

The same applies in the hospitality industry: Magnesium Mineralized Water delivers more flavour in the glass or cup, because BWT’s Magnesium Mineralizer Cartridges create the critical difference in taste. Whether for the perfect crema, for coffee prepared by a barista or for a cup of full-flavour tea, Magnesium Mineralized Water from BWT guarantees premium quality for all hot drinks. You will also prolong the service life of your appliances with the low calcium content of the water.


BWT bestmax PREMIUM is an innovative filter system that optimises water directly from the mains to meet the demanding requirements of the hospitality and catering sector. Any extraneous elements, i.e. calcium, particles and taste-impairing substances, e.g. chlorine, are filtered out while magnesium is added, and that’s what gives hot drinks their gourmet taste.

BWT bestmax premium product image broadway engineering

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