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BWT products guarantee the best water quality in your home with silky-soft BWT Pearl Water and clean, safe drinking water. Your water is in good hands with BWT.
Woman enjoying the cozy warmth in the living room Woman enjoying the cozy warmth in the living room

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Enjoy perfect water quality around the clock with BWT

Water plays an essential role in our lives throughout the day and night. BWT water technology ensures perfect water quality anywhere in your home, from the basement to the attic, from the kitchen to the bathroom and from the heating system to the pool. The treated water provides real protection for installations, heating systems and household appliances against limescale and other undesirable substances. But BWT products not only ensure a high level of hygiene and protection, but also offer an incomparable sense of wellbeing through noticeably softer, more velvety skin, glossy hair and bathing pleasure with silky-soft pool water. BWT also enhances the quality of your drinking water – Magnesium Mineralized Water is a mouth-watering taste experience, whether you’re merely quenching your thirst with plain H2O, or making a cup of tea and coffee.

Water from BWT around the clock

Intersection at night
Intersection at night

Drink the Tap Water

Turn your tap water into Magnesium Mineralized Water – for the best taste in your cup and glass.

Woman enjoying a fresh glass of mineralized water
Woman enjoying a fresh glass of mineralized water

BWT improves the quality of your water

Depending on where you live, your water may contain a greater or lesser concentration of undesirable substances, e.g. excessive levels of calcium and heavy metals such as lead, copper and chlorine, which impair the taste and smell of the water. BWT is dedicated to improving the quality of our precious consumable, water, for which it has developed a specific filtration method.

Magnesium makes the difference

The unique, patented BWT magnesium technology enriches tap water with the precious, vital mineral, magnesium, which is a smart way of boosting your daily magnesium intake. An outright winner, Magnesium Mineralized Water is not only pure pleasure when enjoyed on its own, but also brings out the full flavour and aroma of tea and coffee. Magnesium Mineralized Water also contains lower levels of calcium, thus guaranteeing reliable protection for appliances from limescale deposits. Taste-impairing substances such as chlorine and other extraneous particles are also filtered out of the drinking water.

BWT Magne­sium Miner­al­izer!

The Magnesium Mineralizer not only reduces the level of calcium and other particles in the water, but also removes extraneous substances that affect its taste and smell, while enriching the water with the precious mineral magnesium.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Pleasant-​tasting water direct from the tap
  • The precious magnesium allows tea and coffee to develop a fuller aroma
  • Provides effective protection against limescale for household appliances such as coffee machines and kettles
  • Helps to reduce plastic waste
BWT Magne­sium Mine­ra­li­zer product image broadway engineering

Best water at home

We are in contact with water throughout the day: when we shower and brush our teeth in the morning, when drinking a refreshing glass of water, cooking or washing up, or cleaning and doing the laundry. Water is also present in our heating system, which is what makes our home warm and comfortable.

Mother and son washing hands
Mother and son washing hands

You’re in safe hands with a BWT domestic water filter, because it protects the pipework and therefore ensures clean, safe drinking water in your home. BWT Pearl Water systems will provide moments of true wellbeing as you are pampered from morning ‘til night with silky-soft Pearl Water. BWT also supplies top-quality heating water to ensure that your heating system runs efficiently and your home is always cosy and warm.

We provide products that work seamlessly together, such as installation technology, domestic water filters, softeners, limescale protection systems and heating water treatment. BWT offers the best water quality for your entire household.

Perfect Drinking Water Hygiene

Mother and son taking a closer look at their clean water
Mother and son taking a closer look at their clean water

New connections and repairs to the public pipe network may cause foreign particles, i.e. sand or rust, to enter the water on its long journey from the waterworks to your home, and finally into your domestic plumbing. These impurities can cause dripping taps, attack your pipework and lead to damaged household appliances. Contaminants are also an ideal source of nutrients for pathogens and bacteria, which compromise drinking water hygiene.

Protection against particles

BWT domestic water filters are installed at the point where the water enters your home. They prevent extraneous particles from penetrating the domestic system and ensure optimum protection, clean pipes and perfectly clean, safe drinking water throughout the house. Note: To guarantee clean, safe drinking water in the long term, it is important to service the domestic water filter regularly to prevent a build-up of impurities and contaminants. Low maintenance domestic water filters from BWT are therefore the perfect solution!

BWT E1 Single-​Lever Filter

Provides reliable protection for your domestic installation against contaminants and foreign particles and ensures clean, safe drinking water every day for drinking, cooking, showering and bathing. Benefits at a glance:

  • Best possible protection against foreign particles
  • Clean pipework
  • Hygienically safe drinking water throughout the house
  • Easy to handle – the filter element can be replaced in seconds
  • New type of filter – safer, more hygienic and more efficient than ever before
BWT E1 Single-Lever filter product image broadway engineering

Silky-soft BWT Pearl Water

Woman enjoying a soft water shower
Woman enjoying a soft water shower

Pearl Water to soothe the body and soul

A good day starts with a shower of Pearl Water! Once you experience the sensation of silky-soft Pearl Water on your skin you’ll never want to miss out on this feeling of wellbeing. Silky-soft BWT Pearl Water is a true wellbeing and beauty tonic for softer, more velvety skin and smooth, shiny hair. And this sensation continues after you step out of the shower, because when you wash your laundry in silky-soft Pearl Water you’ll love the plump towels, a soft, fluffy bathrobe and clothes that are kind to the skin.

A brilliant shine and limescale-free devices and appliances

But silky-soft water is not just a balm for the body and soul. Soft water also means a lower level of calcium in the water, and a reduced calcium content means fewer limescale deposits on shower walls, floors, fixtures and fittings. Your bathroom will have a dazzling shine, and all without hours of cleaning and polishing. Silky-soft, calcium-free water delivers real benefits for the appliances and pipework in your house, quite simply because it leaves fewer residues. Silky-soft Pearl Water protects your household appliances, e.g. washing machines, dishwashers, boilers and heat exchangers, saving maintenance and repair costs.

Couple in bathroom after shower
Couple in bathroom after shower

Pearl Water: good for the environment… and your purse

Silky-soft Pearl Water brings many benefits for the environment and for your household budget. Limescale deposits not only damage the pipes in your domestic water installation, but can also harm the heating surfaces on your heat exchangers. A coating of limescale just 2 mm thick can result in a 20% increase in energy consumption.

Lower calcium content in the water therefore means less energy consumed and, naturally, also a reduction in maintenance and repair costs, which not only enables you to make a significant contribution to environmental protection, but to save money too. Silky-soft Pearl Water consumes up to 50% less detergent and cleaning agents.

BWT Pearl Water Systems

BWT pearl water systems create a feeling of pure wellbeing in your home, as they transform hard, calcareous water into silky-soft BWT pearl water.


Benefits at a glance:

  • Noticeably smoother skin, silky and shiny hair, cuddly soft laundry and clothing that is kind to the skin
  • Lower levels of calcium in the water, protecting your household appliances and therefore lower consumption of detergents and cleaning agents
  • Fewer limescale deposits, therefore less need for cleaning
BWT Perla product image BWT Perla product image"

Pools & Pool Water

BWT will help you from day one to realise your pool project and will ensure trouble-free bathing enjoyment in silky-soft Pearl Water.

Woman relaxing in swimming pool
Woman relaxing in swimming pool

BWT Pool Pearl Water – silky-soft, calcium-free and pH neutral

Swimming is not only beneficial for the soul, it also strengthens the entire body, so two good reasons to make your own pool dream come true. But a pool is only as good as its water! As Europe’s leading water treatment company, not only do we ensure optimum water quality in terms of hygiene safety and health, but also an incomparable feeling of wellbeing in silky-soft Pearl Water. Soft, calcium-free and pH neutral water guarantees noticeably softer, smoother skin and lustrous, velvety hair – a true beauty therapy.

The usual “pool problems”, such as red eyes and dry, tight skin, are a thing of the past. Another benefit of BWT Pool Pearl Water is that no limescale deposits form on the pool edge, the pool cover or in the entire pool system itself. This not only prolongs the service life of your system, but also significantly reduces water maintenance and cleaning. You protect the environment and save money – a winning combo!

Woman in swimming pool
Woman in swimming pool

Your partner for any pool project: from planning to maintenance

Our many years’ experience in swimming pool construction and water treatment make us the perfect partner for your pool project, from design to quotation through to construction and payment and, finally, up to when you need professional support from our BWT Service team. You can choose from a variety of pool shapes and materials, equipment details, covers and other accessories. Your perfect pool will be completed with state-of-the-art pool water treatment and dosing and control technology. The one-stop shop for your dream pool! Even after purchase, we will be on hand with our professional support to enable you to enjoy your pool for as long as possible!

BWT Pearl Water Generator

The BWT Pearl Water Generator changes normal pool water into silky-soft, calcium-free, pH-neutral BWT pool pearl water.


Benefits at a glance:

  • BWT Pool pearl water is less irritating to the eyes, and your skin feels softer and smoother
  • Reduced limescale deposits around the pool, the swimming pool cover and in the entire pool system
  • Extended service life of the whole pool system
  • Lower consumption of water purification and cleaning agents
BWT Pearlwater generator product image broadway engineering

Natural Heating Water Requires No Chemical Additives

Woman relaxing on the couch
Woman relaxing on the couch

We think it goes without saying that heating provides comforting warmth in our home in the cold weather, and the system should ideally work as efficiently as possible and require low maintenance.

As is often the case with heating, water is a decisive factor. Depending on the local water quality, filling the system with untreated drinking water can lead to limescale deposits and contamination, which will impair the efficiency of the heating system. For example, a coating of limescale just 1 mm thick increases the energy requirement by 10%. Not only does this become costly in the long term but, in the worst-case scenario, the system will require regular repairs or could have a complete breakdown.

Best water for modern heating systems

Heating systems have become increasingly complex in recent years and are more susceptible to faults. Some heating manufacturers specify compliance with certain water quality standards in their guarantee and warranty conditions, and any guarantee and warranty claims may become invalid if the heating systems are filled with untreated water.

Sustainable heating
Sustainable heating

Perfect heating water with BWT

BWT products work seamlessly together, so the filling and top-up water for your heating system is demineralised or softened, and therefore optimally treated, with no chemical additives used. This prevents a build-up of limescale, sludge, gases and corrosion, while also adhering to the heating manufacturer guarantee and warranty conditions.

Heating Protec­tion

The products from BWT’s AQA therm range, e.g. the AQA therm Heating Water Group (HWG), guarantee perfect, naturally-heated water, with no chemical additives. Benefits at a glance:

  • Less limescale, sludge, gas and corrosion in the heating system
  • The entire heating system protected from damage
  • Efficient heating and lower heating costs
  • Extended service life of the heating system
  • Guaranteed heating manufacturer warranty claims
BWT AQA therm product image broadway engineering

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