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Silky-soft Pearl Water transforms your home into a wellness oasis, from a feel-good shower in the morning to a relaxing swim in your pool.

Silky-soft BWT pearl water

Pearl water

Beauty starts with water

 Water has a beneficial effect on both body and mind. It is gentle on our skin, caresses the soul, and makes us blossom in every way. One thing is certain, the softer the water, the more intense the pleasure. This is because BWT transforms hard, calcareous water into silky-soft BWT Pearl Water, in the bath, shower or pool. Discover the many benefits of soft water and pamper yourself every day!

Pearl Water at Home

BWT Perl­was­ser im Haus­
Frau in Dusche-neu

The beauty secret of silky-soft BWT Pearl Water

The skin is our largest sensory organ. It is exposed to all kinds of environmental factors every day, and forms a natural protective shield against them. Silky-soft BWT Pearl Water not only gently removes the traces of everyday living, but maintains the acid mantle of our skin and improves the skin oil/moisture balance.

Another beauty advantage of Pearl Water is that your skin automatically feels softer and smoother and your complexion looks fresher and healthier. Skin care products are also more effective, because creams and body lotions are more easily absorbed.

Pearl Water also plays an important role in keeping your hair shiny, whereas hard water makes the hair look dull, and more shampoo is required to wash the hair effectively. With silky-soft BWT Pearl Water the hair is gently cleansed, is free of limescale residues and needs far fewer hair care products – beauty starts with BWT water.

Water for cuddling

If towels and clothes feel rough and scratchy and the colours look faded, it is often because the water is too hard. Soft water is a soothing balm for the skin and hair and a life-saver for all fabrics – wash after wash.
Baby on cozy blanket
Baby on cozy blanket

Whether it’s t-shirts, towels or bedlinen, soft water makes textiles softer and more cuddly, which is great news for you and your laundry. With silky-soft BWT Pearl Water your laundry no longer feels uncomfortably stiff and coarse.

Brilliant shine

As previously mentioned, silky-soft BWT Pearl Water has a lower calcium content, which means fewer limescale deposits in the bathroom and kitchen. Silky-soft BWT Pearl Water leaves a shine on fittings, shower walls, cutlery, glasses and dishes, reducing the need for cleaning and polishing. Less calcium in the water reduces build-ups of limescale in pipes and household appliances. Washing machines, dishwashers, coffee machines, boilers and heat exchangers are protected and require fewer repairs due to damage from limescale.

An extra bonus for the environment

BWT Pearl Water provides added value for the environment, because softer water requires fewer washing, cleaning and personal care products. This not only reduces your household running costs, but is also beneficial to the environment.

BWT Pearl Water Systems

BWT pearl water systems create a feeling of pure wellbeing in your home, as they transform hard, calcareous water into silky-soft BWT pearl water.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Noticeably smoother skin, silky and shiny hair, cuddly soft laundry and clothing that is kind to the skin
  • Lower levels of calcium in the water, protecting your household appliances and therefore lower consumption of detergents and cleaning agents
  • Fewer limescale deposits, therefore less need for cleaning
BWT Perla product image broadway engineering

Pearl Water in the Pool

BWT Perl­was­ser im Pool
Woman enjoying a gush shower in the pool

Plunge into a silky-soft swimming adventure

Dive in and feel how light and weightless you are. Leave the cares of the day behind and immerse yourself...  the perfect way to end the day. This is a feeling we often only experience when we’re on holiday, but can also experience it at home when we relax in a pool filled with silky-soft Pearl Water and enjoy a better quality of life.

We perceive water as a soothing balm for our body and autonomic nervous system, which controls vital functions including blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and metabolism. The gentle pressure of the water acts evenly over the body and stimulates the lymphatic system. Water also relieves the strain on the entire musculoskeletal system and alleviates the stress of our everyday lives.

A pool is only as good as its water!

You can turn your pool into a veritable oasis of wellness with silky-soft Pearl Water. The invigorating BWT Pool Pearl Water engenders a feeling of wellbeing as it gently caresses the body.

Woman relaxing in a swimming pool
Woman relaxing in a swimming pool

BWT Pool Pearl Water – silky-soft and pH neutral

Can we let you in to a little beauty secret? Silky-soft BWT Pearl Water is also a true beauty therapy in the pool. The soft, calcium-free, pH neutral BWT Pool Pearl Water reduces irritation to the eyes and makes your skin feel softer and smoother.

Another positive effect of BWT Pool Pearl Water is that it reduces the formation of limescale at the edge of the pool, on the pool cover and throughout the entire pool system. This not only prolongs the service life of your installation, but significantly reduces the need for water care products and cleaning agents. You can protect the environment and save money at the same time – a perfect combination.

BWT Pearl Water Generator

The BWT Pearl Water Generator changes normal pool water into silky-soft, calcium-free, pH-neutral BWT pool pearl water.

Benefits at a glance:

  • BWT Pool pearl water is less irritating to the eyes, and your skin feels softer and smoother
  • Reduced limescale deposits around the pool, the swimming pool cover and in the entire pool system
  • Extended service life of the whole pool system
  • Lower consumption of water purification and cleaning agents
BWT Pearwater-generator product image broadway engineering

Silky-soft Pearl Water in All Aspects of Our Lives

The enjoyment of silky-soft BWT Pearl Water is not only limited to home or pool owners. BWT offers solutions in the "Buildings & Industry" sector for landlords of apartment blocks so that the building occupants can also benefit from BWT Pearl Water.

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