The Element H2O

Only just under 1% of global water reserves can be used directly for drinking water. Where drinking water is needed, we focus our efforts on treating the remaining water resources in the required quality and quantity.


Our Mission

"Water is not everything - but without water there is nothing"

One thing is certain: global water resources are limited. There are an estimated 1.38 billion cubic metres of water on the Earth. This figure may seem incredibly large, but bear in mind that roughly 97.5% is present in the oceans in the form of hydrochloric acid, and another 1.72% of the world's water supply is contained in glaciers, ice and snow. What remains is only just under 1% of the 1.38 billion cubic meters of water available to humans as vital drinking water.

1.38 billion cubic kilometres of water deposits

98.28% of the world’s accessible water is available in liquid form, but only a very small percentage (0.78%) can be used for drinking water.

Every day BWT researches, develops and focuses on innovative solutions for the conversion of salt water, surface and groundwater into drinking water, process water and purified water.

Infographic water resources Infographic water resources

Water Innovations

BWT can offer you innovative products in the water and water treatment sector. Our main focus is on human need and, of course, the careful management of the precious resource, water. But for us, it is about more than just water. Regardless of whether it is used to drink, for swimming pools or as the purest ingredient in medicines, infusions or cosmetics, we supply water in the best possible quality available based on the requirement. And precisely where it will be used.

Water by BWT
Water by BWT

Magnesium Mineralized Water

Magnesium Mineralized Water is a true taste experience as well as the ideal source of your daily magnesium requirement.

It also has an almost neutral pH and contains less calcium and fewer taste-impairing substances. This not only brings out the full taste of coffee and tea, but also protects your kitchen appliances from limescale deposits.

water glas water glas

Silky-soft BWT Pearl Water

Silky-soft water is a true beauty therapy. It contains low levels of calcium, which can remain on the skin and hair as limescale deposits, and care products can be absorbed more effectively. Silky-soft BWT Pearl Water also leaves your bathrooms and kitchens shiny, and your laundry luxuriously soft.

Again, soft water means less calcium in the water, which in turn means less limescale deposited on fixtures, tiles, glassware and cutlery and your laundry.

Woman enjoying a soft water shower

BWT Water for Injection

You come into contact with BWT Purified Water every day, and most of the time without realising it; for example, in cosmetics, medicines or other pharmaceutical products.

Purified water is indispensable in the manufacture of many products, where safety and purity are top priorities, and this is why manufacturers rely on purified water from BWT’s processes and systems. Ultimately to enhance your life and your quality of life.

Water for injection Water for injection

Water Technology

Many water treatment technologies we have developed have their origin in nature, including ion exchange and osmosis. We look and learn. We then go one step further – into the future.

A central feature of all our continuing and new developments is a reduction in resource and energy consumption and an associated reduction in CO2 emissions, and we take our responsibility in terms of ecology, cost efficiencies and social concerns very seriously. The use of state-of-the-art technologies is our starting point, and the ongoing development of our products also contributes significantly to our company’s growth.

Technology cloud Technology cloud

The Future of Water

Providing water in sufficient quantity and the required quality is the global challenge of the 21st century, whether in ecological, social, political or economic terms.

Zukunft Wasser
Future of water

The world’s population is growing steadily, and more water is being consumed to produce an increasing number of consumer goods. The existing, already scarce, sources of drinking water are becoming increasingly polluted and, last but not least, the consequences of climate change make water a commodity that is becoming more difficult to access.

Global challenges

According to UN forecasts, the world’s population will grow to 9.6 billion in 2050. Today, half of humanity lives in cities, rising to two-thirds by 2050. The largest increase is in developing countries, where water scarcity is already a reality.

Population growth
Population growth
Due to the growing need for food, energy and sanitation, the global demand for water will increase by roughly 55% by 2050. The sharpest increases will be recorded in industry (400%), power generation (140%) and households (130%). However, consumption in agriculture, which currently requires the largest share of the water, is falling slightly.
Global demand for water
Global demand for water

Approximately a quarter of the world’s water needs are currently met by groundwater. However, the steady decline in the groundwater supply means that in 2050 over 40% of the world’s population will live in areas where water is scarce.

Water – our Mission

BWT is facing all these challenges as a global company. Our mission is to develop resource-conserving, sustainable products and services that treat existing water to supply it in the best possible quality. We also make existing water resources accessible where the water is required. Our professional water treatment turns contaminated water into high-quality drinking water, process water or even purified water, depending on the need.

Global sources of drinking water
Global sources of drinking water

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