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Imagine an entire city joining forces to make a posi­tive impact, sip by sip. In a world where the conse­quences of plastic pollu­tion are becoming increas­ingly evident, this forward-​thinking city decided to take a bold step towards a more sustain­able future. Their remark­able journey serves as an inspiring example of the immense power of synergy and team­work to drive posi­tive change within an entire commu­nity.

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Immerse yourself in an eco-conscious paradise

Located in the magnif­i­cent valley of Alta Valtel­lina Lombarda, Livigno seam­lessly blends a premium tourist expe­ri­ence with a deep connec­tion to its surround­ings. Set in extra­or­di­nary ecolog­ical and scenic beauty, this year-round sports desti­na­tion balances natural enchant­ment with cutting-edge inno­va­tion. Proudly selected as a host city for the 2026 Winter Olympics, its state-of-the-art facil­i­ties will set the stage for freestyle and snow­board compe­ti­tions, as well as the Olympic Village.

In keeping with this forward-thinking spirit, in June 2023, the Munic­i­pality of Livigno adopted a regu­la­tion to elim­i­nate plastic bottles wher­ever possible. This pioneering initia­tive shows the commu­nity’s concern for the envi­ron­ment and its desire to leave a legacy that extends beyond the excite­ment of the Winter Games.

Empowering excellence:
Your partner for ALL solutions 24/7

The city of Livigno has found its perfect partner for this endeavor in Europe´s leading water tech­nology company. At BWT, we are convinced that water is the essence of life, growth, and progress. Driven by inno­va­tion, our main goal is to develop prod­ucts and services with the most advanced tech­nology in water treat­ment to ensure the best water quality world­wide. We are contin­u­ously dedi­cated to advancing existing tech­nolo­gies and turning inno­v­a­tive concepts into ground-​breaking prod­ucts, providing an expe­ri­ence that resonates with all your senses.

But that's – by far - not all. Our mission, encap­su­lated in 'For You and Planet Blue', signi­fies our commit­ment as a global company to operate sustain­ably and respon­sibly. We aim to address the unique needs of each indi­vidual while safe­guarding our precious Planet Blue. Lever­aging our exper­tise, we manage the Earth's finite water resources in align­ment with nature. Protecting our planet for future gener­a­tions is our respon­si­bility, and we aspire to trans­form the current plastic planet back into a Planet Blue once again!

By joining forces, we can show­case our collec­tive power to create a lasting impact on the world. Livigno stands as an inspiring example of what can be achieved when we all join forces. We strongly believe that this is the first of numerous future Best Water Towns that will rede­fine our rela­tion­ship with the envi­ron­ment, paving the way for a more sustain­able and opti­mistic future.

Guided by our shared philos­ophy and the commit­ment to “Change the World, Sip by Sip” we are navi­gating towards a better future. Together, we aim to advo­cate for an ethical and consci­en­tious use of water resources. The urgency is clear – the time to act is NOW!


Discover the BWT water stations!

Embark on a journey of hydration excellence in Livigno. Explore our exclusive best water stations throughout the town. Leveraging patented BWT technologies, we filter and enhance local water with essential minerals such as magnesium, zinc, and silicates. This ensures that everyone can enjoy healthy, local, best mineralized water by BWT while contributing to the reduction of plastic waste and CO2 emissions. Quench your thirst responsibly by refilling your reusable bottle at your convenience.

The Municipality of Livigno and BWT are proud supporters of the "Best Water Town" initiative.

“We are dreaming of a world where every­body has access to safe and healthy drinking water. This mission drives us to develop world­wide leading tech­nolo­gies to make out of any locally avail­able water – healthy, tasty, miner­al­ized drinking water – without the need to produce and trans­port bottled water. A win-​win solu­tion for people and envi­ron­ment!“
Andreas Weißenbacher, Founder & CEO BWT

Let’s Change the World - sip by sip.

Embrace our mission, enjoy the best miner­al­ized water, signif­i­cantly cut down on single-use plastic, and shrink your carbon foot­print.

Be(come) a Change­maker, for You and Planet Blue.

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