Maintain my pool

Maintain my pool Maintain my pool

Enhance your water!

The quality of your pool water depends essentially on the balance between its acidity (pH), alkalinity (TAC) and calcium hardness (TH). Monitoring and regulating these qualities determines bathing comfort and the effectiveness of the products used. BWT offers a range of products to support you on a daily basis: analysis stations, peristaltic pumps, dosing pumps and electrolysers. And don’t forget the wide range of treatment products, because to keep your pool healthy and clear, you need to keep interfering factors under control by using specific products.

Water treatment Maintain my pool Maintain my pool

Water treatment


Elec­tro­ly­ser E (E8, E16, E22)

Salt water electrolyser - new generation

The BWT range of salt chlorinators uses a chemical reaction to generate active chlorine to treat your pool using salt. The range covers pools up to 100 m³.

The transparent cell allows you to monitor chlorine production and know when to clean the cell.

BWT Electrolyser Pro A

Elec­tro­ly­ser PRO A (8, 16, 22, 33)

Go with the flow, your pool is under control.

The PRO A electrolyser range includes salt electrolysers combined with pool equipment control functions, covering the needs of all pools on the market.

BWT Electrolyser PRO LS

Elec­tro­ly­ser PRO LS

Electrolysis of salt water.

Innovative water disinfection technology that combines two types of action: production of active chlorine by electrolysis of salt water, thanks to the presence of 1.5 g/L of salt in your pool water, and production of free radicals by hydrolysis of water, whose disinfection potential is twice that of free chlorine.

BWT Electrolyser PRO LS

Automatic regulation

BWT expertise at your pool’s service

BWT EasyDose

EasyDose is a range of peristaltic pumps for dosing pH, liquid chlorine and flocculant. Its digital display allows you to monitor the measured values in real time. As the device is pre-wired, installation is quick and easy, and the device does not need to be opened, guaranteeing its watertightness.

  • Simplified maintenance with a simple, effective safety system
  • Safety guaranteed by overdose and threshold overrun alarms
  • Three-roller system for even, precise product dosing!

BWT Easy Dose automatic regulation

BWT Manager Connect

BWT Manager Connect is a range of peristaltic pumps for pH and ORP measurement. Installation is quick thanks to the external connectors and the comprehensive installation kit included.

  • Greater product dosing consistency and precision thanks to the 3-roller system
  • Quick intervention on the tube with a simplified locking and unlocking system (no screws required)
  • Remote pool management and intervention via the BWT Best Water Home app
  • Overdose, empty product and threshold overrun alarms

BWT Manager Connect automatic regulation

BWT Manager Connect Duo PP

The BWT Manager Connect Duo pH/ORP line is a range of peristaltic pumps for better management of water quality through the simultaneous analysis of two parameters: pH and ORP.

  • External connectors for quick installation
  • 3-roller system for product dosing
  • Simplified locking and unlocking system
  • Connectivity via the BWT Best Water Home app
  • Control alarms

Its large digital display, 7-language menu and preset values make it easy to configure settings.

BWT Manager Connect Duo PP automatic regulation

BWT Manager Connect Duo PC

BWT expertise at the service of public pools.

The BWT Manager Connect Duo pH/ORP + Free Chlorine line is a range of ready-to-install panel-mounted amperometric controls. These devices can be used to regulate free chlorine levels through amperometric or ORP measurement and pH regulation, enabling professional management of public pools and simultaneous analysis of parameters.

Two types of cells are available in the range: open and closed.

BWT Manager Connect Duo PC automatic regulation


The BWT-P Regul System is an ultra-simplified, new-generation technology package that makes treating your pool water simple and effective.


  • Electronic control of pH and pool disinfection
  • Intuitive and easy to use thanks to the large touch screen for simple and straightforward navigation
  • Quiet, reliable, self-priming 2.4 L/h peristaltic pumps for pools up to 100 m³.


Dosing pumps

Packed with easy-to-programme technology

BWT EDP 5.5 electromagnetic pumps

Electromagnetic dosing pumps are equipped with an automatic pH, ORP or pH/ORP measurement and dosing system. Advantages:

  • Components in contact with liquids are made of PVDF to ensure broad chemical compatibility
  • Extremely long-life pure PTFE membrane
  • Easy to programme thanks to the “circular menu” with direct access to the most frequently used functions

The pumps are supplied with all the components required for installation and use:

  • pH or ORP probe
  • Buffer solutions
  • Probe holder
  • Wall mounting bracket
  • Injection valve
BWT Dosing pump

Pool water softener

BWT pearl water for your pool

BWT Pearl Water Gene­rator at Home

Do you dream of silky soft, limescale-free, pH-neutral water? A range of features has been developed for the BWT Pearl Water generator at home.
The intelligent control system continuously adapts and adjusts the device’s output to the needs of your pool. It therefore consumes less energy and fewer resources.

  • Automatic operation
  • Status display
  • Easy configuration via WLAN
  • Maintains constant pressure and flow

Our designers have worked hard to come up with a compact home pearl water generator that fits easily into your plant room.

Pool water softener

Treatment products

Treat your pool with the best products: the BWT treatment range offers the most effective and long-lasting products on the market to give you pure, high-quality water.

Disin­fec­tion, main­te­nance, algae­cide and winter­izing, water balance

To avoid the health risks associated with swimming, the water must be disinfected and disinfectant.

To make it easier to understand and classify treatment products, the labels are colour-coded as follows:

  • red for Disinfection products
  • pink for Maintenance products
  • green for Algaecide and Winterizing products
  • blue for Water Balance products

Remember to follow the recommendations for storing and handling treatment products.

See more treatment products
Pool Water treatment products
Water analysis Water analysis Water analysis

Water analysis

Test station

For crystal-clear water at all times

BWT Pearl Water Manager

Your water’s guardian angel.

BWT Pearl Water Manager tells you, at any given moment, whether your water is suitable for swimming or whether it needs treating. Vital safety and high level of comfort. BWT Pearl Water Manager is suitable for pools treated with chlorine, bromine or salt electrolysis.

  • Data transmission via WiFi
  • Intuitive, scalable application
  • Long-life battery: module recharge once a season
  • Plug&Play all-terrain sensors and two-year guarantee

Always connected, BWT Pearl Water Manager watches over your water 24/7. Wherever you are, you’ll be informed in real time.

Pearl Water Manager

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