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Protect my pool Protect my pool

Peace of mind with BWT!


Summer and winter, your pool needs to be protected. BWT offers a wide range of covers: automatic above-ground covers, submerged covers, bubble covers, bar covers and winter covers.

At the height of the season, flexible covers (commonly known as “bubble covers”) offer the advantage of rapidly raising the temperature of the water in your pool while preventing evaporation.

Automatic covers (also known as “pool roller shutters”) will maintain this temperature overnight, saving on treatment costs and providing optimum protection against falls.

In winter, BWT covers can also guarantee a high level of safety, as well as providing unique protection for your pool against leaves and debris, ultraviolet rays, photosynthesis and accidental falls.

They are designed to fit the contours of your pool harmoniously. And a wide choice of colours lets you add an extra touch of refinement to your décor.

BWT Automatic covers BWT Automatic covers BWT Automatic covers

Automatic covers

Above-ground automatic covers

PVC slats that are unique on the market


And your summer lasts longer.

The BWT Pearl Protect above-ground cover, with its contemporary design, customisable features and LED lighting, will blend in perfectly with your pool and its surroundings.

By keeping your pool clean and reducing filtration times, the BWT Pearl Protect cover reduces your energy and chemical consumption.

It reduces your ecological footprint and offers you an environmentally friendly solution.

BWT Pearl Protect automatic cover

BWT Evodeck EC

Protect your beautiful pool!

The BWT Evodeck cover, like all covers in the BWT range, provides optimum protection against accidentally falling into the water.

The BWT Evodeck cover complies with standard NF P90-308, so you can enjoy your pool with complete peace of mind.

BWT Evodeck EC automatic cover


BWT Aquamatic protects and secures your pool at the best possible price. Made in France, this cover is reliable, solid and high-performance.

BWT Aquamatic is perfectly suited to all configurations, whether above or below ground. Advantages:

  • Economical models
  • Space-saving feet (160 mm x 120 mm)
  • Mechanical limit switch
  • Complies with current regulations NF P90-307
BWT Aquamatic automatic cover


Aquadeck provides optimum protection against accidental falls into the water and is available in 3 models:

  • Aquadeck EC: a fast, autonomous automatic cover with a solar-powered battery
  • Aquadeck EC: a motorised automatic cover with a power supply unit located in the plant room. An ideal solution for new pools
  • Aquadeck EM: a reliable, economical cover with rigid slats that can be rolled up manually using a retractable handwheel.
BWT Aquadeck automatic cover

Submerged covers

The best summer and winter protection

BWT Stardeck Ineo

Protect your big, beautiful pool!

Stardeck is the benchmark for professionals building swimming pools.

It is designed to ensure both perfect aesthetics and impeccable functionality, particularly for very large pools.

BWT Stardeck Ineo cover

BWT Star­deck & Star­deck AX-IN

Specially designed for new pools!

BWT Stardeck & Stardeck AX-IN automatic covers are comprehensive, innovative products. They are installed in your pool, so they are perfectly concealed and fully integrated. Nothing protrudes from your pool, and the aesthetics of your pool area are carefully preserved.

A must for new pools!

BWT Stardeck submerged cover

BWT Cover­deck & Cover­deck AX-IN

Specially designed for new pools or pool renovations.

BWT Coverdeck & Coverdeck AX-IN automatic covers are complete, high-quality and innovative products that do not require a dry pit for the motor.

They are installed under the coping, without any risk of damaging the pool’s sealing. The drive motor is easily accessible without having to be dismantled, and it can be disengaged depending on the model for greater safety.

BWT Coverdeck submerged cover
BWT flexible or bar covers BWT soft and bar covers

Soft or bar covers

Bubble covers

A harmonious shape for better integration

Super-500 bubble covers

Super-500 covers are made of UV-resistant polyethylene film with “GeoBubble” bubbles and are available in 2 finishes:

  • Standard finish for polygonal pools
  • Reinforced band finish for free-form or round pools


  • Reflective tarpaulin, supplied with 3 bungee cords
  • Eyelets for rollers and corner eyelets
  • Patented leaf net, incorporated into and welded to the cover
Bubble cover BWT Super 500

P-280 Bubble Covers

P-280 bubble covers are economical, durable and robust.

Made from 280-micron-thick UV-resistant polyethylene honeycomb, they protect against rubbing against the sides of the pool, effortlessly withstand the tension of the reel’s bungee cords, and prevent the water from evaporating - essential for indoor pools and highly recommended for outdoor pools.

Technical specifications:

  • 280 µ polyethylene
  • Edging along the lengths 
  • Hemmed along the widths
Bubble cover BWT P280

Aquaroll & Omega rollers

The perfect thermal cover!

The Aquaroll and Omega rollers are ideal for existing or new pools. They are fitted with a telescopic shaft, machined in France, and grooved to accommodate the bungee cords used to roll up the cover. Supplied with a wheel and synthetic resin, our models are designed to be installed behind a 30 cm coping.

Technical specifications:

  • One fixed foot, one mobile foot fitted with two 170 mm diameter wheels
  • Shaft locking device (Omega model)
  • Shaft height 360 mm (Omega model) or 420 mm (Aquaroll model), shaft diameter 95 mm
  • Supplied with 13 bungee cords
BWT rollers

Bar covers

Choice, efficiency and aesthetics

BWT Calypso cover

3 covers in 1!

Calypso is a PVC cover reinforced with aluminium bars. It rolls and unrolls easily, providing effective protection for your pool. It replaces the winter cover, the summer cover and its roller. And it makes your pool safe in compliance with current standards.

Choose Calypso to save money, time and storage space.

Bar cover BWT Calypso

Bar cover P-580

Make your summer safe!

The P-580 bar cover is easy to use. With no complicated mechanism and no risk of breakdown, it simply unwinds by pulling on a strap and rolls back up using a crank.

The bar cover is practical and easy to maintain. It is also tough and sturdy thanks to its polyester fabric membrane and natural anodised aluminium bars.

Bar cover BWT P580

Mambo bar cover

Protect your pool in summer and winter!

The Mambo cover is made from a membrane of highly resistant polyester fabric (650 g/m²) with UV protection. The continuity of the fabric as it passes through the bars guarantees increased mechanical strength of the cover. Mambo has eyelets along both lengths, in the same colour as the fabric, so that bungee cords can be fitted (optional) in very windy areas.

Bar cover BWT Mambo

CBE-650 Bar Cover

Cover your pool in complete safety!

CBE-650 is made from a membrane of highly resistant polyester fabric (650 g/m²), with anti-UV and anti-fungal treatment. The continuity of the fabric as it passes through the bars guarantees the increased mechanical strength of the cover.

Just one cover to install and you’ll have peace of mind for years to come. You avoid the tedious seasonal changeover of covers and the associated chores: cleaning, folding and storing the removed cover, unfolding and installing the other cover.

Bar cover BWT CBE650

Winter covers

Effi­cient, easy winterizing

Epervier cover

Make your pool safe!

Epervier is an opaque cover made of pre-stressed polyester fabric, reinforced and impregnated with PVC by coating.

  • The surface in contact with the coping is effectively protected by a large, ultra-resistant reinforcement
  • The underside of the reinforcement in contact with the ground is sand-coloured so as not to risk staining the coping
  • The fabric has micro-perforations all over to allow rainwater to run off without letting light through
  • Epervier covers come with a protective bag and a storage bag for the accessories

Colours: blue, almond green.

Winter cover BWT Epervier

Wintersafe Cover

Wintersafe is an opaque cover made from 650g PVC-coated polyester fabric. Colours: blue, almond green, sand, grey.

  • The underside of the cover in contact with the ground is always sand-coloured to avoid the risk of staining
  • There are several types of perforation to drain off rainwater, and to adapt to pools with steps or free-form shapes
  • Wintersafe’s PVC coating is treated against ultraviolet rays and is also resistant to chlorinated products
  • Wintersafe is fitted with an all-round snap fastener and fixkit system
Winter cover BWT Wintersafe

Aquatex Cover

Aquatex is a lightweight, ultra-resistant polyester mesh cover. It is woven, reinforced and impregnated with PVC by coating.

  • The surface in contact with the coping is effectively protected by a large ultra-resistant reinforcement
  • The underside of the reinforcement is sand-coloured to avoid staining the coping
  • In its classic version, Aquatex is fitted with a fastening system using individual straps and dynamometric springs with bushing hooks

Colours: blue, almond green, grey.

Winter cover BWT Aquatex

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