BWT Water for Injection (WFI) for Pharma & Biotech


You come into contact with BWT Purified Water many times a day in beauty products, care products or medicines. Absolute purity and safety come first.

BWT Water for Injection (WFI)

Improving life

Essential for humans

Water is the elixir of life par excellence. Technically-speaking, naturally-occurring drinking water is not usually “pure”, which is just as well, because humans need their drinking water to contain soluble minerals and calcium. Purified water, however, is purified specifically to minimise the presence of extraneous substances and is therefore not drinkable. Numerous benefits we enjoy in our daily life would not be possible without purified water, and we are generally unaware that purified water is a major constituent of the many skincare products we use every day. In the pharmaceutical industry, water for the manufacture of medicinal products or injection is only permitted at the highest quality, as “Water for Injection” (WFI). BWT Water for Injection guarantees consistently safe water wherever the highest standard of purity is required.

BWT Water for Injection (WFI) for medicinal products and healthcare

Purified water in vials
Purified water in vials

The pharma and biotech industries use purified water as a constituent in medicines and other healthcare products, and to clean systems and packaging. Sophisticated processes are essential for producing the water qualities required, and BWT is one of the world’s leading suppliers. You would be surprised by the number of different products that involve the use of BWT water.

Purified water of the highest ‘pharmaceutical’ quality is required for inoculations and infusions, and this is where BWT water for injection (WFI) is important, as it ensures top-quality, safe products wherever water for injections (WFI) is required.

Purified water in the cosmetics industry

Creme being produced using purified water
Creme being produced using purified water

“Aqua” – constituent no. 1 – a sure guarantee of purified water

Many consumers automatically look at a product’s ingredients and will often find “aqua” at the top of the list. This indicates that the product does not contain just any water quality, but ultrapure or “purified water”.

When our eyes itch we can, of course, resort to eye drops, which are based on aqua. If normal tap water were used, extraneous substances or germs would enter the respective end product. This could quite quickly lead to health and beauty products becoming breeding grounds for pathogens.

BWT purified water and WFI is involved in so many aspects of our daily lives in, for example, cosmetics and body care products, from shampoo to shower gel. However, WFI-quality BWT water is also used in medicines or other healthcare products.

Woman using eyedrops
Woman using eyedrops

Storage, monitoring and distribution of purified water and WFI

Products made with purified water
Products made with purified water

Ultrapure water is often required in high quantities. However, lengthy transport times would compromise the water quality, and transporting such large volumes might not make financial or ecological sense. The solution, depending on local water quality and purpose, is to use a range of BWT technologies to upgrade the water that is already available on site  ̶  from the mains, a source, a well or a body of water  ̶  to the quality of purified water or water for injection (WFI).

It is crucial to ensure and maintain the high quality of purified water during storage and distribution. It should contain no microbiological contaminants that compromise water quality. BWT ensures that its products are of the highest standards to safeguard patients, customers and manufacturers.

More safety at every stage of the process

BWT systems can be used for safe storage of purified water/WFI. A small portion of ultrapure water is converted into ozone by electrolysis, and the water is then considered “sanitised” and therefore able to permanently inhibit bacterial growth in the tank. The ozone is broken down again using a special UV technology, before the water reaches the consumer. As a result, the distribution of the purified water is controlled, compliance with the relevant purified water or WFI quality monitored and the entire system regularly sanitised with ozone.

BWT technician explaining water purifier
BWT technician explaining water purifier

Long-term, durable, reliable – and all from a single source

BWT’s ultrapure water systems ensure a consistently high quality of purified water/WFI, maximum operational efficiency with no unwanted stoppages or disruptions, and a long service life.

Long-term planning is essential where manufacturing companies’ investment decisions are concerned, and this is why they depend on BWT’s technologies and products to consistently deliver the highest standards of purified water and WFI over the long term. Regular servicing ensures the safety, availability and value of BWT ultrapure water and WFI systems, avoiding costly repairs and expensive breakdowns. It pays to invest in BWT systems.


The BWT OSMOTRON WFI produces the highest standard of water for injection as required by the pharma sector, using cold, membrane-based WFI generation.

The BWT OSMOTRON WFI uses three membrane barriers to ensure three levels of safety and top quality, resulting in safe, clean BWT Water for Injection (WFI).

BWT Osmotron water purifier broadway engineering

Loopo WFI

The BWT LOOPO WFI ensures that BWT Water for Injection (WFI) is securely stored and distributed. Its compact system provides safe, long-term cold storage.

The BWT LOOPO WFI uses ozone for continuous sanitisation of the water in the WFI storage tank. The water may be periodically sanitised with ozone or sterilised with superheated water up to the point of use.

BWT water purifier broadway engineering

Application fields of Purified Water and BWT Water for Injection (WFI)

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