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It’s important to clean your pool regularly so you can enjoy it all season long. As well as treating the water, it is essential to clean the floor, walls and waterline. Fortunately, BWT pool cleaners make maintenance easy. These little helpers ensure thorough cleaning, clear water and impeccable surfaces. For even greater comfort, choose a connected model and easily control it from your smartphone or tablet. For a pool that is always sparkling clean!
Piscines Bois Piscine bois Piscines Bois

Wooden pools and prefabricated structures

Wooden pools

Manu­fac­tured in France from solid northern pine and fitted with top-​of-​the-range equip­ment, BWT offers a wide range of wooden pools.

Pistoche: the joy of water, in complete safety

Practical, sturdy, attractive, made in France and incredibly safe... small children will love the Pistoche pool and adults can enjoy guaranteed peace of mind.

Designed with play and safety in mind, Pistoche is the only pool with an integrated, mechanical protective cover. And what’s more, the height-adjustable cartridge filter means you can adapt the height of the water to suit the size of your little swimmers: from a depth of 40 cm for the youngest to splash around in, to 60 cm for the older children’s first swims. Clever!

Exclusive to Pistoche, by BWT

Find out more about Pistoche
Piscine Pistoche

Pool’n Box: ideal for combining children’s games and storage!

Pool’n Box is an elegant, high quality pool designed to stand the test of time. All the proof you need is the 10-​year warranty on the wood and the 5-​year and 2-​year warranties on the filtra­tion system.

And what’s more, Pool’n Box has an inge­nious design with a storage box clev­erly tucked under the coping. Robot cleaner, balls, pool noodles and inflat­a­bles: every­thing can be put away in the blink of an eye.

Your pool area is effort­lessly and instantly clean and tidy. And to really make you happy, Pool’n Box comes at a very low price.

Piscine pool'n box

Urbaine: your beautiful pool, wherever you want it

The BWT Urbaine pool is particularly well suited to small urban spaces. It is available in three models (square, rectangular or XL) for a water surface no greater than 10 m², meaning that planning permission is not required. You can install it wherever you want, without the red tape.

Urbaine comes as standard with an automatic safety cover (standard NF P90-308), high-tech filtration, a liner, a skimmer, an electrical box, an LED spotlight, a ladder and a countercurrent resistance belt.

Happiness is yours, whenever you want it!

Piscine Urbaine carré BWT

Prefabricated structures

BLOKIT System: modular formwork system

Providing both formwork and insulation, the Blokit system enables you to quickly build your walls by assembling expanded polystyrene blocks and pouring in reinforced concrete. The isothermal properties of polystyrene allow you to gain 3° to 5° more in your Blokit pool than in a conventional pool!

The ideal complement to BWT SUNPOOL mirror-effect pools!

Structure industrialisée Blokit

BWT SunPool: the mirror-effect swimming pool for everyone!

Improved aesthetics, technical simplicity, affordable budget, French manufacture... the BWT SUNPOOL is everything you could want, and more!

SUNPOOL is an innovative construction system made up of wave-breaking coping, a built-in skimmer, lightweight, ready-to-assemble BWT expanded polystyrene formwork modules and a base of support pipes that fit perfectly with Blokit System structures. The luxury of a mirror-effect pool at an affordable price!

Piscine BWT Sunpool

Paradis Bleu kit pools

The kit option is a simple solution that allows you to build a real, high-quality in-ground swimming pool yourself, and within your budget.

It’s quick and easy to assemble, and particularly economical. What’s more, it’s made from recycled, indestructible materials!

Made in France to a high standard of aesthetics for a long-lasting pool, with a 10-year guarantee on the in-ground section.

Piscine BWT Paradis Bleu
Revêtements de piscine Revêtements piscine Revêtemens de piscine

Liners & Membranes


The liner is the ‘ready-to-wear’ coating: it’s economical and easy for a professional to install. It is fully resistant to the vagaries of the current and to respectful users.

BWT Superliner, 15 years of peace of mind, even at 35°

Simple, robust and reliable, Superliner V2F 0.85mm effectively seals tens of thousands of swimming pools. Like all BWT liners, it has been manufactured in the Group’s factories in Brittany for over 40 years. It’s a must!

It is coated on both sides and the anti-fungal agent incorporated into the membrane protects against algae, bacteria and micro-organisms. Superliner will stay clean and beautiful, even at high temperatures. Enjoy the genuine pleasure of warm water!

BWT Superliner

BWT Aqualiner, 10 years of peace of mind, even at 33°

Simple and robust, Aqualiner 0.75mm is a safe bet. It has been fitted on tens of thousands of pools of all shapes and sizes for over forty years. It is made in France by experienced technicians using high-quality materials.

The anti-fungal treatment protects Aqualiner from algae and other micro-organisms, so it stays clean and beautiful, even at high temperatures.

Liner de piscine BWT Aqualiner


The rein­forced membrane is a haute-​couture option for inten­sive use. A must for hotel pools around the world, and a reas­suring long-​term choice for homes.

BWT Initiale V1F, durable sealing

The BWT Initiale V1F membrane looks like a liner, but is thicker and much stronger.

Consisting of a reinforced weave sandwiched between two layers of PVC, it is dimensionally stable and tear-resistant... two valuable characteristics for intensive pool use or very hot water. For renovations, it provides a beautiful solution to sealing problems on masonry pools or cracked hulls.

Initiale has a varnished inside surface treated against micro-organisms. Finally, with its ultra-flat, perfectly smooth and even weave, Initiale is superb and very easy to maintain. The ultimate in waterproofing membrane.

Membrane renforcée pour piscine
Pool fittings Pool fittings Pool fittings

Pool fittings

LED spotlights

Every detail counts when it comes to successful renovation: the equipment needs to be elegant and in keeping with your project.

LED underwater spotlights by BWT

Create a superb lighting ambience for wonderful evenings by your pool. The BWT spotlight is suitable for all types of walls, whether liner or concrete. Its glossy ABS withstands UV rays and treatment products, and retains its beauty over time. Ten colours to choose from.

Find out more about LED spotlights
LED underwater spotlights
Pool filtration Pool filtration Pool filtration



Made in France, our skimmers benefit from the latest technological innovations, guaranteeing their quality and reliability.

BWT Match skimmer: multifunction skimmer

Are you looking for a skimmer that is the perfect match for your pool, a high-performance skimmer that makes swimming a dream in water that’s always pure and free from unwanted floating debris? Do you want it to be well-designed, easy to install, practical to maintain, durable and reliable? The MATCH SKIMMER is the skimmer that matches every pool and every requirement!

Mirror skimmer, the skimmer that raises the bar!

The mirror skimmer for an ultra-high water level

What could be more beautiful and pleasant than a virtually level water surface that almost reaches the edge of the pool? To achieve this very high quality aesthetic effect, BWT offers a special skimmer. For both new build and renovation projects, it’s the ideal, quick and easy solution for raising your water level. Your pool is transformed into a superb mirror, as beautiful as an infinity pool, and much easier to install and maintain!

Find out more about the Mirror Skimmer
Mirror skimmer BWT

Other BWT and BWT myPool skimmers

Manufactured in France, BWT skimmers benefit from the latest technological innovations, guaranteeing their quality and reliability. The range covers all types of surfaces and formats:

  • myPOOL skimmer for wooden walls
  • Skimmers for polyester shell walls
  • Skimmers for masonry/liner walls *
  • Skimmers for concrete walls *
  • Skimmers for panel/liner walls, including BWT cartridge skimmers, which are an alternative to filters that save on water, consumables and electricity, and which save time during installation with a simplified hydraulic circuit

* available with inserts

Skimmer BWT


For wonderfully clear water, BWT offers you the best technology, with high-quality filters that are perfectly suited to renovation. Long-term peace of mind.

Poly Pearl filter

BWT Poly Pearl sand filters are unique in that they have a smooth inner surface to prevent the proliferation of bacteria.

Made in Europe, this new range can be adapted to all types of private pools, ensuring perfectly healthy filtration for your pool.

Poly Pearl pool filter

RTM Filters

The quality of filtration determines the clarity and hygiene of your bathing water. That’s why you need to choose your filter carefully. To help you, BWT has selected three models from its extensive range that are ideally suited to your requirements.

Professional performance for your water.

Initially designed for professionals, RTM by BWT filters are now the benchmark for quality home installations. Extremely reliable, high-performing and easy to maintain, they’re the best choice for easy, healthy swimming and crystal-clear water all year round.

BWT RTM Pool filter

PPF myPOOL high-flow filtration units

Robust and reli­able, combining high perfor­mance with low annual running costs.

The clean, compact design of BWT myPOOL high-​performance filtra­tion units makes them ideally suited to above-​ground pools.

Perfor­mance, reli­a­bility and design, a complete range of sand filters for every need.

BWT Filtration Group

The Python filter, for perfect pool cleaning

Popular amongst professionals, the BWT Python sand filter has also become the benchmark for demanding private customers.

Extremely powerful, easy to use and maintain, Python guarantees that your water is always clean and clear.

BWT Python pool filter

The pump, the heart of the purification system

The pump is your pool’s hydraulic motor. Its power and reliability ensure that your water is clear and hygienic.

BWT Eurostar HF and Eurostar HF VS filtration pumps

The pump circu­lates the water and sends it to the filter, where it is puri­fied by passing through a thick layer of sand or other filter media. Its power there­fore greatly deter­mines the effi­ciency of your filtra­tion and the clean­li­ness of your water. That’s why you should choose your pump care­fully. To help you, BWT has selected two models from its range that are ideally suited to your require­ments.

To make life easier for users, the Eurostar HF has lighting built into the pump’s pre-​filter basket, making it easy to see when the basket needs emptying, even in a poorly lit plant room. Another inge­nious inno­va­tion, the pump basket can be split in two to make it easy to clean.

Eurostar HF pump

BWT Super Star filtration pump

With almost 50 years of expertise in the French swimming pool industry, BWT has developed the BWT Super Star filtration pump to fit in perfectly with your pool’s overall environment.

Design, operating economy, ease of installation and maintenance, quality materials (95% of which are designed and assembled in Europe), reliability and silence: BWT SUPER STAR pumps have it all. What’s more, they come with a 5-year guarantee, the longest on the market.

BWT Superstar pump

BWT Eurostar II filtration pump

The BWT EUROSTAR II filtration pump has become a benchmark in the swimming pool market. With its tried and tested design providing unfailing corrosion resistance and cutting-edge acoustic optimisation, the EUROSTAR II offers a host of advantages in terms of quality and reliability.

All models in the range come with a 5-year guarantee, the longest on the market.

BWT Eurostar II pump

BWT i-Star II filtration pump

Are you looking for a high-performance filtration pump at a low price? With flow rates from 8 to 16 m³/h, low sound pressure and a high-capacity pre-filter, the BWT i-Star II range is designed to meet your needs with BWT quality.

The BWT i-Star II is a powerful pump made from hard-wearing materials and has an insulated shaft, ensuring efficient water circulation, high reliability and healthy swimming in sparkling water.

BWT i-star II pump

BWT myPOOL BADU SuperPro filtration pumps

Highly reliable German-made pumps, myPOOL BADU SuperPro filtration pumps meet all the standards of entry-level filtration pumps for private pools. Special equipment makes installation and handling easier.

These pumps are compatible with a salt water treatment system.


Electrical panels

BWT Pearl Connect

The BWT Pearl Connect is an electrical panel that allows filtration, pumps, spotlights and any other compatible auxiliary equipment to be controlled easily from a single connection box.

Use the app to remotely control the operating times of each piece of equipment, the temperature of your water, your automatic cover and even the lighting installed! Simple, comfortable and so practical!

Electrical panel for pools

BWT Swimline filtration control units

BWT Swimline filtration control units are designed to comply with the highest safety standards and have a simplified architecture that makes them easy to install and connect to your pool’s filtration equipment.

With models incorporating R-TEMP control, you’ll benefit from automatic regulation of filtration time according to water temperature, and a reduction of up to 40% in your electricity consumption.

BWT Swimline electrical panel

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