Bypass set for myPOOL heat pumps
Connection kit for integrating a heat pump into the existing filter circuit
The BWT myPOOL inverter heat pump is an efficient and durable solution for heating your pool. With it, you can enjoy bathing in perfectly tempered pool water and also extend the bathing season. 

Thanks to inverter technology, the BWT myPool heat pump can vary its output between 20% and 80% (depending on operating conditions and outside temperature) to carry out the optimum settings. It automatically measures and regulates to ensure the desired pool temperature.

  • Long-lasting: The myPool Inverter heat pump is switched on and off much less frequently than a conventional heat pump. This not only protects the cooling system, but also enables a longer service life.
  • Quiet: Inverter heat pumps are significantly quieter than conventional heat pumps, as they can regulate the speed of the impeller and the compressor power down.
  • Efficient: The myPool Inverter heat pump automatically switches to energy-saving partial load when the full heating power is not required. This leads to significantly lower power consumption.
  • Uncomplicated installation: The pool heat pump is simply integrated into the existing filter circuit via a bypass system.

Special features
  • EEV technology: The gas flow in the heating system is precisely regulated by an integrated electronic expansion valve, which ensures maximum efficiency and the lowest possible power consumption.
  • Screw-shaped titanium heat exchanger:The titanium heat exchanger is resistant to all common pool chemical products and can also be operated with salt electrolysis systems.
  • Defrosting by means of circuit reversal: The integrated automatic defrosting enables operation even at very low outside temperatures.
  • Silver welding: The gas pipe system is welded with silver and thus designed for maximum tightness and long service life.
Product features
Product number: SET100057
App control: No
COP at 20 % of nominal power (at 15 °C air and 26 °C water): k. A.
COP at 20 % of nominal power (at 26 °C air and 26 °C water): k. A.
COP at 100 % of nominal power (at 15 °C air and 26 °C water): 6,0
COP at 100 % of nominal power (at 26 °C air and 26 °C water): 9,5
Compressor: GMCC Compressor
Connection: 50
Coolant: R 32
Dimensions in mm (w x h x d): 864 x 648 x 359 mm
Heating capacity in kW (15 °C air & 26 °C water): 7.3
Heating capacity in kW (26 °C air & 26 °C water): 9.6
Housing: Metal housing with plastic coating
Inverter technology: Yes
Max. Power consumption (A): 7.39
Modes: Smart and Silence
Operating temperature: 0 - 43 °C
Recommended swimming pool volume: 20 - 40 m³
Type of heat exchanger: Titanium spiral tubes in PVC housing
Weight: 47 kg