BWT run for you and planet blue

World Water Day World Water Day
World Water Day is cele­brated annu­ally on March 22nd to high­light the impor­tance of fresh­water and foster a greater under­standing of the global water crisis. This year we were launching an exciting initia­tive on World Water Day. We want to raise aware­ness of the strug­gles many people world­wide face in accessing clean drinking water and raise funds to build water wells for those who need it.
Girl with water Girl with water Girl with water


It is easy to take safe drinking water for granted. While we hardly have to go further than the next tap in a kitchen, more than 2 billion people world­wide do not have access to clean drinking water. According to the UN, 500 million of them live in Africa.

Imagine waking up every morning knowing that your first task is to walk six kilo­me­tres and carry 20 kilos of water back home. Girls and women usually bear the burden of providing water for their entire family. This respon­si­bility leaves them exhausted and makes it very diffi­cult for the girls to concen­trate in the class­room.

But this time, WE ran those 6 km for them!

BWT donated 1 Euro for every kilo­metre you run.

The first BWT Run made history and brought smiles to the faces of so many people around the world:


~ 5.000 Partic­i­pants
32 Coun­tries
30.000 € Funds Raised

Walking Person
Walking Person

Become a ChangeMaker and run for a world where everyone has access to clean water. Our vision is clear: to Change the World, sip by sip. Your participation isn't just about running; it's about Making a Change.

We want to shape a world where all people have access to the elixir of life, WATER. By uniting under the banner of our global race, we aim to raise awareness and inspire action on the global lack of access to clean water.

RUN FOR YOU AND PLANET BLUE – because every step (and sip) you take makes a difference!

b.water mission
b.water mission

All funds raised will go to the b.waterMission project!

b.Water mission is the flag­ship project of the AQUA Pearls Foun­da­tion. It is a trans­for­ma­tive project that improves people’s long-​term quality of life by building water wells.

Since the first b.water­MIS­SION water well was built in 2019, almost 83,000 people in Tanzania and The Gambia have gained access to clean drinking water within 150 metres of their homes. In total, almost 406 million litres will be distrib­uted by the end of March 2024!

Event Details


You can choose when to run between May 13th and May 26th.


Wher­ever you want!

How much does it cost?

The entry fee is FREE!

What do partic­i­pants receive?

You will receive an online shop voucher. With this voucher you can pre-order a BWT World Water Day special edition bottle free of charge*.
Please note that the bottles will be deliv­ered in the first days of May.

*The voucher does not include the person­al­i­sa­tion


How can I register?

Simply register with the form above.

Can I partic­i­pate from every­where?

Yes, you can choose wherever you want to run. Alone or in small groups.

How will the funds be used?

All funds raised will go towards building water wells in The Gambia and Tanzania, providing clean and accessible water to communities in need.
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