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Domestic Technology 

Innovative water treatment for the best water quality at home.

This is how you protect your home and investments for many years 

Safety, hygiene and protection for your entire home  

Silky-soft BWT Pearl Water

BWT softener transform hard water into silky-soft "BWT Pearl Water".

Depending on the region, our water contains various minerals, including calcium, which is the main culprit when it comes to water hardness. Households where the water has a high hardness grade run into costly problems and the attendant unpleasant side-effects on a day-to-day basis.
We have therefore developed our leading BWT Perla technology, which is unique worldwide and transforms even extremely hard water into silky-soft Pearl Water. For the highest quality and hygiene standards.

Enjoy – Protect - Save

Unsere Filtertechnologien

Filter technology
Packaging unit
Magnesium Mineralized Water 3-pack
Benefits of magnesium: Supports the muscle and nervous system, strengthens bones and teeth. Reduces fatigue and makes you more resilient.
Filter technology
Packaging unit
ZINC + Magnesium Mineralized Water 3-pack
Benefits of ZINC: Strengthens the immune system and defences. Promotes the growth of skin, hair and nails.
Filter technology
Packaging unit
Silicate + Magnesium Mineralized Water 3-pack
Benefits of silicon: Supports mental fitness and the removal of harmful substances such as aluminium in the body.
Filter technology
Packaging unit
Soft Filtered Water EXTRA 3-pack
Reliably protects household appliances from limescale deposits. Particularly suitable for water with a high degree of hardness above 15° dH.

BWT Subscription Service

This means you no longer have to worry about buying regeneration salt for your softener. BWT offers a fully automatic subscription service for salt for the BWT Perla series. This means: your softener orders salt itself and it is conveniently delivered directly to your home when required.

But we also offer this unbeatable service for all other softeners. It is very simple. You choose the interval and get the delivery directly to your home.

BWT Perla One
Simplex system for 24 hours pearl water
BWT Perla Home
Self-check by means of Auto Check function
BWT Perla Seta
Multi Info Touch Display
BWT Perla Hybrid
100 % connectivity via GSM, WLAN, LAN and BWT Best Water Home App
BWT Perla
Incl. AQA Guard floor sensor, AQA Stop, AQA Watch & AQA Safe valve
AQA smart
Provides optimal protection against limescale
AQA life
Duplex system for 24 hours soft water

Top Combination for the best water in your home

If you are building a new house, you should plan in good time. The right water treatment secures your investment for many years. But also when renovating or remodelling, you should discuss the most important points with your plumber.

Connection Nominal width
BWT E1 Single-Lever Filter HWS 1"
Perfect drinking water purity with a 10-year E1 guarantee
BWT E1 Single-Lever Filter EHF
Perfect drinking water purity with a 10-year E1 guarantee
Connection Nominal width
BWT R1 Backwash Filter HWS 1"
Domestic Water Station with 2-phase backwash technology
Connection Nominal width
BWT R1 Backwash Filter RSF
Intensive cleaning through 2-phase backwash technology

Change the word together

Water is the common elixir of life and one of the daunting challenges of the 21st century. We want to help make the world a better place, sip by sip, by using local water resources...

Top seller
Pearl water system
Pearl water system
BWT Perla Tabs - 2 x 10 kg
Purest salt for all water softeners (99.9 %), in convenient 10 kg bags with carrying handle - also available as a subscription!
Top seller
BWT E1 hygiene box for the single-lift filter
Single-lever filter
BWT E1 Hygiene Box
Annual maintenance set consisting of hygiene safe + additional filter element
BWT Ioclean - 4 pieces
Cleaning tablets for water softener for 6-month operator maintenance
BWT Smart Mineral
Mineral dosing agent for the treatment of drinking & process water
BWT Sanitabs 8 kg
Regenerating salt with integrated hygiene cleaning component for AQA water softener
For hardness range
BWT Mineral F1 3 litres
Mineral dosing agent for Bewados E3 & Plus 3 liquid dosing device, selection to suit your total and carbonate hardness
BWT AQA Guard Wireless Sensor
Wireless protection against water damage, can be combined with Perla Home, Perla, Perla Hybrid and Perla Seta water softeners

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