European standards prescribe six-monthly maintenance for pearl water systems. With BWT's 360-degree operating concept, this can be done in just a few steps as a hygiene inspection.
The BWT IOCLEAN cleaning tablet is simply placed in the designated insert. Follow the instructions for your BWT Perla in the menu item Routine Maintenance & Cleaning. This means that full maintenance of the system is now only necessary every two years.

Technical details

Product number: 018188
Scope of delivery: Folding box with 4 tablets
Storage temperature: 5 to 30 °C
Weight: approx. 13 g


Ioclean is intended for use in BWT Perla series devices.
Caution: Ioclean must not be used in AQA Perla series devices!
The cleaning programme can be started in just a few steps. Simply put BWT Ioclean in the designated insert and follow the instructions in the menu item Routine maintenance; ④ Cleaning.
For more detailed information on routine maintenance, please refer to the operating instructions of your BWT Perla.
BWT Ioclean is used as part of the half-yearly maintenance by inserting one tablet into the designated slot in the pearl water system. If necessary, BWT Ioclean can also be used at shorter intervals.

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