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The "little" brother from the BWT Perla model series marks the inexpensive entry into the world of pearl water. It saves on performance where this makes sense, but not on quality and comfort. BWT Perla one is designed for use in regions with "medium-hard" water, with lower demand or, in particular, for installation upstream of the water heater.

BWT Perla One does not have an AQA Stop function built directly into the device to shut off the water supply in the house. However, up to 10 AQA Guard wireless sensors can trigger an alarm message in the app and on the unit. The water shut-off must either be done manually or better: retrofitted via a separate AQA Stop module elsewhere - directly at the house water inlet. If BWT Perla one is only used for softening the hot water - directly upstream of the cylinder - well thought-out protection against leaks throughout the house can thus be ensured.

Safety systems
The BWT safety systems of your BWT Perla One also comprehensively protect your home against water damage:
  • AQA Guard floor sensor(s): Up to 10 sensors monitor the soil moisture (immediate protection e.g. against burst washing machine hoses).
  • AQA Watch: Alarm function when permanently low flow rates are exceeded.

Technical details

Product number: 011433
AQA Guard Wireless Function: Optional accessories
AQA Safe function: Yes
AQA Stop function: Optional accessories
AQA Watch function: Yes
Area of application according to DIN 1988-200 Dwelling units | Persons: 1-5 | 2-12
Blending valve: Motor crosscutting
Device status display (BWT logo): Yes
Flow rate in m³/h (at 1 bar pressure loss): 1.7
Height safety overflow in mm: 410
LAN-WLAN connection: Yes
Max. number of persons in the household: < 4
Mineral dosing device Bewados: Optional accessories
Multitouch display (Inch): 3,5"
Nominal capacity according to DIN EN 14743 (m³x°dH): 9 - 18
Water consumption of the household per year in m³: < 150


If the residual hardness is too low or in the case of galvanised pipes, the formation of a protective layer in the pipes is made more difficult. In such cases, a higher residual hardness must be set or a food-grade product must be added. This supports the formation of a protective layer in the pipes.
But since the 1990s, almost only stainless materials made of plastic or stainless steel have been used for residential buildings, softening can be installed without any hesitation.
Provided the softening system complies with the regulations for drinking water - yes. A DVGW test mark is a prerequisite for this.
That is why we have developed the globally unique BWT Perla top technology, which transforms even very hard water into silky-smooth pearl water. And it does so to the highest standards of quality and hygiene. Legally authorised, independent bodies check every single material of a BWT Perla model that comes into contact with drinking water for suitability for contact with drinking water before, for example, a device is certified by the DVGW.
Fine palates notice that the water tastes more neutral. With the reduction of lime, the water loses a flavour carrier, although the total mineral salt content remains unchanged. As a preventive measure, a certain amount of raw water (blend) is mixed into the soft water so that the residual hardness is approx. 4 - 6 °dH. This value can be adjusted to your individual needs in all our systems, taking into account the basic values of the raw water.
For all gourmets, we would recommend installing a separate cold water pipe upstream of the pearl water system directly into the kitchen or, in the case of existing installations, we recommend the BWT AQA drink Filtered Water Care TC200.
Theoretically, you could set the pearl water system to < 1 °dH depending on the raw water properties. However, since lime is a compound of calcium and magnesium and thus contains important minerals, we recommend a water hardness setting of 4 - 6 °dH. This gives you the best water for your skin and hair, but also for drinking.
No, the salt needed for regeneration is discharged into the sewage system with the waste water. With all our bead water systems, we ensure that the resin is always rinsed clean. This guarantees that no salt gets into the drinking water.
A BWT pearl water system is always installed at the domestic water inlet after the water meter and a domestic water filter (particle filter). A bypass valve (service valve) is placed in the pipework. Furthermore, you need a drain (for rinsing water during regeneration) and a power connection.
BWT pearl water systems are ion exchangers that require salt as an operating material. During ion exchange, calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged for sodium ions. This method has been scientifically proven and can be tested by the customer. Normal regeneration salt only has a technical quality and is not ideal for food purposes. Impurities in the salt could contaminate the resin and affect drinking water quality. Tablet salt is slightly more expensive, but highly pure and guarantees the best possible water quality.
Every waterworks knows the hardness levels of the drinking water it supplies and will answer enquiries about the water hardness at your place of residence. In many cases, the respective water hardnesses are also listed on the website of the waterworks.
Alternatively, you are welcome to use our online water hardness search or request a water hardness test strip from us free of charge.
Please consult a specialist when purchasing a pearl water system. For reasons of safety and hygiene, only a specialist may make changes to the drinking water pipe. This applies in particular to water treatment systems. Your highly trained BWT drinking water professional will be happy to advise you personally on your optimum soft water solution.
A domestic water filter should be present in every domestic water installation. On the way from the waterworks into the house, dirt particles such as sand or rust can get into the water and subsequently into the domestic water installation. These impurities can cause dripping taps and expensive damage to household appliances. In addition, the hygiene of the drinking water can be affected by these contaminants, as they are an optimal breeding ground for germs and bacteria in the pipes.

Consumables for BWT Perla Softeners

BWT AQA Guard Wireless Sensor
Wireless protection against water damage, can be combined with Perla Home, Perla, Perla Hybrid and Perla Seta water softeners
BWT Ioclean - 4 pieces
Cleaning tablets for water softener for 6-month operator maintenance
Top seller
Pearl water system
Pearl water system
BWT Perla Tabs - 2 x 10 kg
Purest salt for all water softeners (99.9 %), in convenient 10 kg bags with carrying handle - also available as a subscription!
BWT Perla Tabs á 100 kg
Purest salt for all water softeners (99.9 %), in convenient 10 kg bags with carrying handle
BWT Perla Tabs á 200 kg
Purest salt for all water softeners (99.9 %), in convenient 10 kg bags with carrying handle
BWT Sanitabs 8 kg
Regenerating salt with integrated hygiene cleaning component for AQA water softener

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