BWT donates € 100,000 to Licht ins Dunkel

Licht ins Dunkel
Licht ins Dunkel
Christmas is the most reflective time of the year, it is the celebration of love and care - for family, friends, but also for those who are less fortunate in life. To support them in particular, BWT is once again this year donating 100,000 euros to a very special charity project in Austria: “Licht ins Dunkel”.

BWT's broad commitment to sustainability and CSR has already been a tradition for many years. With all its products, the company wants to make a sustainable contribution to the resource-conserving use of the element water on our planet. Moreover, as part of its mission "Change the World - sip by sip", BWT seeks to make it possible for everyone around the world to have access to local, filtered, and mineralized water without single-use plastic bottles. Nevertheless, charitable and social commitments also have a high priority, as demonstrated by numerous activities such as the construction of 10,000 sustainable water wells in Africa within the "b.waterMISSION" project.

"As an entrepreneur, it has always made sense to me to share a part of the success we have achieved with people who are not doing so well and who need help. Over the past few years, we have intensified these activities within the BWT Group. I am therefore pleased to announce that, through our donation to "Licht ins Dunkel", we will once again be able to give a helping hand to people who are suffering hardship through no fault of their own and make a small contribution to improving their situation" explains BWT CEO Andreas Weißenbacher. He is particularly pleased that 200,000 euros will thus go to "Licht ins Dunkel" as the austrian federal government has doubled the donation.

With this activity, BWT emphasizes that the brand claim "For You and Planet Blue" is a reality and that it is doing its utmost to make a sustainable contribution to the environment and sustainability, as well as in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Licht ins Dunkel

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