BWT makes a visible statement on World Water Day: Waste collection to protect our elixir of life


World Water Day 2022
World Water Day 2022
World Water Day is an international day of action that was initiated by the UN almost 30 years ago. Changing topics around the valuable and vital resource water are in the focus of attention. For BWT, every day is World Water Day.

Worldwide, 1 million plastic bottles are bought every minute. But less than 10% of plastic bottles are being recycled today. According to forecasts, there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish in 2050. A deadly cycle that BWT is setting a visible sign against on this year's World Water Day with an international campaign: "World Water Day - BE the Change".

Groups of BWT employees collected waste to raise awareness for the massive impact, that carelessly discarded trash has on our groundwater. In numbers, a total of 500 BWT employees from 13 countries participated, collecting 400 bags of trash.

Another highlight of this year’s World Water Day is the first "Best Water Talks" conference, which will include a talk with Andreas Weißenbacher, CEO of the BWT Group. Please find the full program as well as all registration info here:

World Water Day 2022

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