Another successful four-hills tournament for our BWT athletes and the BWT Distance Award

Thanks to the great perfor­mance of the Athletes at the four-​hills tour­na­ment an impor­tant contri­bu­tion to the water supply in Africa/Gambia was made and another well was built. A special thanks goes to our BWT Family Member Dawid Kubacki, who finished the four-​hills tour­na­ment at the 3rd place and made the biggest contri­bu­tion to our bWater­MIS­SION project during this compe­ti­tion

Positive COVID-19 test result within the Polish Team

The four-hills tournament started with a moment of shock for the Polish team. Due to a positive COIVD-19 test of a team member, all Polish jumpers were excluded from participating in Oberstdorf. However, this early decision was withdrawn on the competition day, as the entire Polish team was tested negative. Thus, our BWT jumpers Dawid Kubacki (defending champion), Piotr Zyla and Maciej Kot were able to take part in the first competition.

Day 1: Schattenbergschanze Oberstdorf, 29.12.2020

Despite good weather conditions, the start at the opening competition in Oberstdorf was not ideal for our 13 BWT athletes. Ryo Kobayashi finished in 14th place with 265.2 points as the best BWT jumper, closely followed by Dawid Kubacki in 15th place. Nevertheless, Dawid had a reason to rejoice because his daughter was born on this day.
Dawid Kubacki_Oberstdorf
Dawid Kubacki_Oberstdorf
There were a lot of emotions today. I become a father and we finally were allowed to jump in the compe­ti­tion
Dawid Kubacki

Day 2: Olympiaschanze Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 01.01.2021

The New Year's Jumping in Garmisch-Partenkirchen was a great success for our Pink BWT family. With a new hill record of 144 metres Dawid Kubacki celebrated his first victory in the New Year. His teammate and also BWT jumper Piotr Zyla secured the 3rd place in Garmisch.

Dawid Kubacki

It feels really great, because yesterday I jumped already hill record but it didn’t matter because it was just a trial round. I had more luck with the wind in the second round today and so I could jump hill record again. And Piotr by my side on the podium was also great. 

Piotr Zyla

I didn’t expect a podium today. Yesterday I was far away from a good jump. So, this year started really good for me. 

Day 3: Bergisel Inns­bruck, 03.01.2021

At the third compe­ti­tion of the tour­na­ment, on the Bergisel in Inns­bruck, 10 BWT athletes qual­i­fied for the compe­ti­tion. Dawid Kubacki scored impor­tant points for the overall tour clas­si­fi­ca­tion with another podium. Piotr Zyla finished in 8th place as the second best BWT jumper.

Antti Aalto

My jumping has been quite solid during the four hills tournament by now, but there are still some things to improve in my jumping in overall for Bischofshofen. But I like the jumping hill in Bischofshofen, so I’m looking forward.

Johann André Forfang

Just finished with the 3rd station of the four hills in Innsbruck. I had a really good start in the four hills tournament but today was heavy for us, and so we are looking forward to Bischofshofen to try our best there.

Day 4: Paul-Ausserleitner-Schanze Bischof­shofen, 06.01.2021

At the last stop of the four-hills tour­na­ment in Bischof­shofen it was exciting until the end. Best BWT jumper was Piotr Zyla in 7th place. Dawid Kubacki finished only on the 15th place in Bischof­shofen but due to his great perfor­mance during the whole compe­ti­tion he managed to secure the 3rd place in the overall clas­si­fi­ca­tion with an advan­tage of 0.4 points.

Congrat­u­la­tions Dawid – we are proud that you are a part of our BWT family!

Dawid Kubacki

I’m very happy with my 3rd place at the four hills tournament. The golden eagle is going to Poland again and I could be on the podium together with Kamil and we sang the national hymn. I’m not very satisfied with my jumps today, it wasn’t my best day. Maybe Kamil put something into my meal.

Mikhail Nazarov

I’m really happy to finish on the 21st place. This was the best tournament for me by now and a strong competition in Bischofshofen.

Johann André Forfang

Not even close. Vierschanzentournee is over and I have to keep on looking for my shape. There is a new chance in just a couple days.

Daniel-André Tande

Step by step my jumping is improving and I'm happy with how I've fighted through this years. Congrats to Kamil Stoch once again.
BWT Distance Award
BWT Distance Award

We congrat­u­late all athletes for their great perfor­mances and thank them very much for every collected meter for the BWT Distance Award – every 18.000 meters we build a well in Africa/Gambia with our bWater­MIS­SION project.

Already this weekend the next Ski Jumping World Cup event will take place in Titisee-Neustadt, where we will keep our fingers crossed again for our BWT athletes.

By the way: All impres­sions of the 4-Hills-Tournament can be found on Insta­gram in our high­lights.


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