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Pool water Care made easy

BWT ICO station becomes BWT Pearl Water Manager

Same product, new name, more func­tion­ality.

Keep an eye on your pool water around the clock. The BWT PEARL WATER MANAGER sends you dosing recom­men­da­tions directly to your smart­phone via app. You will enjoy your perfect pool­water every day and you save time, labor and pool chem­icals. Good for you and the envi­ron­ment! 

Which Pearl Water Manager is the right one for my pool?

The bene­fits

How does it work?

Wie funktioniert es?
Wie funktioniert es?


pH index

The pH is a measure of the acidity of the water. pH stands for Hydrogen potential or the concentration of Hydrogen ions in the water.

The pH scale goes from 0 to14, where…

  • 7 is neutral.
  • Below 7, the water is acidic.
  • Above 7, the water is alkaline.

If your water is too acidic it can corrode your equipment, cause etching on surface materials and skin, eye, and nose irritations on swimmers; too alkaline, it can lead to scaling on your water’s surface and plumbing equipment and can cloud the water. In addition, both high acidity and high alkalinity will affect the effectiveness of your sanitizer.

Pearl Water Manager measures the pH of your water along with other parameters, to promote healthier, cleaner water, protect your equipment and provide a comfortable swimming experience.


Besides the comfort aspect, your water temperature has an impact on your water behaviour.

Warmer water can greatly affect your water chemistry. Warmer water tends to breed more bacteria and so the pool’s sanitizer gets used up faster and must be replenished more frequently. Pearl Water Manager recommended temperature ranges take into consideration both your comfort and sanitizer effectiveness to provide you with the best conditions possible.

Sanitizer ORP

Oxida­tion Reduc­tion Poten­tial (ORP or Redox) is a measure­ment of sani­tizer’s effec­tive­ness in water. Sani­tizer such as chlorin, salt or bromine are measured in milli­volt (mV). Most heal experts recog­nize 650mV as the minimum accept­able ORP.

Most health experts also agree that disin­fec­tion is what really matters, from a health perspec­tive; the amount of chlo­rine or bromine in your water is not neces­sarily as impor­tant as its effec­tive­ness. Pearl Water Manager measures ORP along with several other impor­tant water para­me­ters and analyses all the results. Pearl Water Manager tells you what to do next so that you have the health­iest water possible.

TDS index

TDS – Total Dissolved Solid -is defined as ‘’total weight of all soluble matter in the water’’ measured in PPM (part per million) or mg/l. Soluble matter is almost anything you put your pool or spa such as sanitizer, specialty (clarifier, algaecides) and balancing chemicals (pH, Stabilizer, Alkalinity) … When too many, they can lead to oxidation of some materials or affect the effectiveness of treatments.

By measuring the soluble matter in the water, your sanitizer’s effectiveness, and other related factors, Pearl Water Manager can alert you when your TDS is too high and recommend how to correct the issue.

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Tech­nical details

Weight (kg) 0.7 kg
Size (cm) 15 x 11 x 6 cm
Measure pH value, conduc­tivity, redox poten­tial and temper­a­ture
Compat­i­bility iOS & Android App (free down­load)
WIFI 802.11 b / g / n
Blue­tooth 4.X
USB 2.0
Battery input voltage 3.7V DC
Input voltage of the charger 100 to 240 VAC
Charger input frequency 50 to 60 Hz
Charger output voltage
Oper­ating temper­a­ture 5 to 45 ° C
Storage temper­a­ture 5 to 45 ° C
Scope of delivery Pearl Water Manager, 3 measuring sensors (yellow, blue, gray), key tool (pink plastic key), screw­driver, charging cable, quick start guide

Download technical data sheet

BWT Pearl Water Manager – Technical data sheet PDF, 1096 Kb Downloads

Set up your Pearl Water Manager

Step by Step

Install the appli­ca­tion.

Create your account, Add your pool and General infor­ma­tion.

Create your account.

create account


Add your pool.

create pool


Add your General infor­ma­tion.

general information

Finalize the Pearl Water Manager Setup.


Select disin­fec­tion type:

  • Chlo­rine (Salt, Bromine).
  • Ozonator.
  • UV.



Select target value.

select target value


Iden­tify Pearl Water Manager.

Identify Pearl water manager


Scan the barcode.

Scan the barcode


Switch your Pearl Water Manager ON:

  • Remove the upper cap using the opening tool.
  • Push the button for 5 seconds to switch on your Pearl Water Manager.
  • Place the upper cap on the Pearl Water Manager aligning the notches with the pins.


Pearl Water Manager on


Connect to Wi-Fi network and confirm.

connecting Wifi


Start Your read­ings.



Please remove the sensors protec­tion cap.

Remove sensors


Gently drop Pearl Water Manager into the water.

drop into water

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Suit­able for all pools.

BWT Pearl Water Manager Chlo­rine and Bromine: Suit­able for chlo­rine and bromine pools of all types, as well as chlo­rine whirlpools.

BWT Pearl Water Manager Salt: Suit­able for salt water (elec­trol­ysis) and whirlpools of all types.

Compat­ible with all smart­phones.

Data trans­mis­sion via WIFI.

Simple and easy to use.

Intu­itive Mobile appli­ca­tion.

Long lasting battery.

The battery is charged once per season.

Well designed for long life.

Replace­able sensors with a two-​year warranty.

ICO Ondilo Station

App Download

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Pearl Water Manager Q&A

Where can I find the UUID in the app?

UUID Pearl Water Manager

What does the BWT Pearl Water Manager measure?

The BWT Pearl Water Manager measures the water temper­a­ture, the pH value, the disin­fec­tion perfor­mance (redox poten­tial) and the total dissolved parti­cles (conduc­tivity / salt / TDS). All measured values are impor­tant para­me­ters that are eval­u­ated in the back­ground via the Pearl Water Manager app and thus form the overall water quality (traffic light system in the Pearl Water Manager app). In this way, conclu­sions can be drawn about pollu­tion, hygiene (bacteria or algae) and general pool water quality.

How should I "winterize" or store the BWT Pearl Water Manager?

Before you put the BWT Pearl Water Manager in the winter or put it away, it is advisable to remove all caps (pink head cover and pink perforated lower cover) and remove any residual water / condensation water using a cloth. (If you still have the black delivery caps from the packaging, you can put them back on the sensors.) Then reassemble the Pearl Water Manager. The Pearl Water Manager can now be stored at room temperature. (Caution, avoid large jumps in temperature during storage in order to preserve the battery life!)

Can I also use a different charging cable for the Pearl Water Manager or my smart­phone charging cable?

Please only use the charging cable included with the Pearl Water Manager. In the case of third-party items, we cannot guarantee that the Pearl Water Manager will operate properly (charging).

Can I leave the BWT Pearl Water Manager in the covered pool or skimmer?

Yes, you can leave the BWT Pearl Water Manager under the pool cover or the skimmer, as long as the Pearl Water Manager cannot be imposed, wedged or drawn into any pool components (e.g., automatic pool cover, etc.). With some pool covers or types of skimmers, there may be a loss of signal / interference during the cover period - depending on the layer thickness / material of the cover and the type of connection (Wi-Fi and / or Bluetooth). As soon as the Pearl Water Manager leaves the cover, it starts recording signals with the smartphone.

How deep can I submerge my Pearl Water Manager in the water?

The Pearl Water Manager is protected against dust and water according to the IP68 stan­dard, i.e. the station is completely water­proof and dust­proof and is fully suit­able for conven­tional pool depths. It is impor­tant that the loading lid is correctly locked / clicked into place at the upper end of the buoy - seal on the groove - to prevent water from entering!

How long does a battery charge last?

The battery charge lasts between 3-6 months with continuous operation and depending on the type of signal and strength, true to the motto "One Charge One Season", i.e. an entire (outdoor) pool season.

Why can’t I login to the application?

If your mobile does not have internet access (3G/4G or Wi-Fi), you will not be able to access the application. You will remain stuck at the login screen. Make sure that you are using the right username and password.

Why can’t I receive any notification?

In the Settings section of your app, you can activate/deactivate your Pearl Water Manager’s notifications. If notifications are not activated on your phone, then in the settings of your phone you can activate/deactivate the notifications for your Pearl Water Manager app.

How can I change my pool on the application?

To change your pool on the appli­ca­tion (volume, name, type of disin­fec­tion and pool or address) follow the steps found below.

a. Click your pool settings.

click pool setting


b. Choose which part to alter.

choose part to alter

How to do factory reset?

Step 1: Click on your pool.

open your pool


Step 2: Click on remote control.

click on the remote


Step 3: Click on Factory reset.

click on factory reset


How can I add chem­i­cals in mobile appli­ca­tion?

Step 1: Come to home page of the app.

home page app


Step 2: Click on the bottom left catalog icon.

click on catalog


Step 3: Select the chem­ical.

select chemicals


Step 4: Click on ‘’Use as default product’’ simi­larly you can add and remove the chem­i­cals.

click on set as default

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Sensor Q&A

At what point should I cali­brate my sensors?

Pearl Water Manager calibrated by default at the factory. Then you should calibrate your sensors at the start of every season, starting from the 2nd one, before getting your pool back up and running to ensure that you start the season in the best possible condition. Furthermore, if at any moment during the season you have a doubt about the accuracy of your pH and Redox readings do not hesitate to re-calibrate the sensors in order to ensure that the readings are as accurate as possible.

How to cali­brate the sensors?

Step 1: Open your CALI­BRA­TION KIT. Inside you will find the 3 solu­tions as well as a cali­bra­tion stand. Place the stand on a table.

Step 2: Open your app and click on the remote control in the main menu.

click on the remote


Step 3: Make sure your phone is close enough to your Pearl Water Manager (3 meters/ 10 feet max) and turn on the Blue­tooth on your smart­phone (make sure you autho­rized Pearl Water Manager app to use Blue­tooth in your phone settings).

Step 4: Click on the probe you wish to cali­brate.

click on calibrate


Step 5: Take Pearl Water Manager out of water and dry it as well as your hands.

Step 6 Remove the sensors cap if not already done.


  • Clean the sensor. Here are 2 options to do so: Care­fully shake the bottom of your Pearl Water Manager in a tank containing deminer­al­ized water


  • Using a pipette (or other nozzle container), spray 1 or 2 sprays on your sensor in both cases, gently dry it with a non-​abrasive, non-​electrostatic cloth or paper towel.

Step 7 Place the pH 4 solu­tion inside the cali­bra­tion stand.

Step 8 Place Pearl Water Manager steadily in the stand, each sensor fitted in one of the holes.

If you did other cali­bra­tions before, reset to factory settings first. Then click on « Cali­brate » and follow the Instruc­tions.

How to remove the covers on the sensors?

Step 1: Twist the bottom half of your Pearl Water Manager left and remove it.

Step 2: Remove the covers from the sensors, making sure that you put them back in the box. (They are helpful if you want to keep your Pearl Water Manager out of the water, see here).

Step 3: Put the part that you removed in Step 1 back.

Remove sensors


How to replace a sensor?

Your sensor is broken or has reached the end of its life?

Follow these easy steps to replace it yourself, in no time.


  • Remove Pearl Water Manager from the water and dry it. Make sure your hands are dry too.
  • Remove sensor’s cap.
  • Using the tool provided with Pearl Water Manager, remove the old sensor, and place the new one.
  • Place the sensor cap back on Pearl Water Manager.
  • In the app, click on the remote control. Select the sensor concerned and then click on “reset (new sensor)”.

Then you can put Pearl Water Manager back in the water!


click on calibrate

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Connec­ti­vity Q&A

The connection between the BWT Pearl Water Manager and the app works then Why the Pearl Water Manager does not measure anything?

Attention in the delivery state there are black protective caps on all sensors, these must be removed beforehand (is also displayed in the app) To do this, remove the pink perforated cover from the BWT Pearl Water Manager station and pull off the black protective caps. After that, the BWT Pearl Water Manager station should work properly. (Recommendation: You can reuse the protective caps for wintering or storing the Pearl Water Manager.)

How to configure Wi-Fi connec­tion to Pearl Water Manager?

During the stages of setting up and configuring your Pearl Water Manager, your Pearl Water Manager and the mobile app will communicate using a Bluetooth connection.

Step 1: Click on remote control.

click on the remote


Step 2: Select Wi-Fi configuration.

configure WiFi


Step 3: Select network and password if requires.

connecting Wifi

How can I extend my Wi-Fi to my garden?

A Wi-Fi extender allows you to connect Pearl Water Manager to your internet by extending your Wi-Fi signal. You can find it at any electronics shops.
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