BWT Filterkartuschen im Abo BWT Filterkartuschen im Abo BWT Filterkartuschen im Abo

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Here's how it works
BWT Filterkartuschen im Abo
BWT Filterkartuschen im Abo

Step 1:
Choose a product

Select a BWT product with the option to subscribe.
You can find out which products are available in the overview.

BWT Filterkartuschen online bestellen
BWT Filterkartuschen online bestellen

Step 2:
Log in

You don't have a BWT account yet? Register quickly and easily.

BWT Perla Tabs
BWT Perla Tabs

Step 3:
Receive order

Select the desired quan­tity and delivery interval of the picked product.
Good to know: You can adjust the delivery interval or pause the subscrip­tion at any time.

Product subscriptions overview

Consumables for softeners, domestic water filters and showers


BWT E1 Hygie­nebox

For main­te­nance of the E1 drinking water filter for 1 year (2 filter elements, hygiene safe, hygiene cap)

34.90 € as a subscrip­tion

instead of 39.99 € as a single purchase

Perla Tabs
Perla Tabs

BWT Perla Tabs

The salt for all water soft­eners (2x10 kg bags with prac­tical carrying handles)

21.90 € as a subscrip­tion


BWT QuickClean refill main
BWT QuickClean refill main

Quick & Clean Replace­ment filter

Replace­ment cartridges for Quick & Clean anti-​limescale filter system

44.90 € as a subscrip­tion

Filter cartridges for water filter jugs

Magnesium Water Cartridge
Magnesium Mineralised

Magne­sium Mine­ra­lized Water

Filter cartridges for water filter jugs
miner­al­izes water with magne­sium

starting from 34.90 €
as a subscrip­tion

Zinc Water Cartridge

ZINC + Magne­sium
Miner­al­ized Water

Filter cartridges for water filter jugs
miner­al­izes water with zinc
and magne­sium

  starting from 49.90 €
as a subscrip­tion

Alkalized Water Cartridge
balance alkalized

Balanced Alka­lized Water

Filter cartridges for water filter jugs
increases the pH value and creates
alka­line water

49.90 € as a

Soft Filtered Water Catridge

Soft Filtered Water EXTRA

Filter cartridges for water filter jugs
reduces limescale, chlo­rine, lead and
copper in your drinking water

starting from 29.90 €
as a subscrip­tion

BWT Perla: Fully automatic subscription



For owners of a BWT Perla, setting up a delivery interval is no longer neces­sary. The device deter­mines the interval indi­vid­u­ally:

  • Your BWT Perla moni­tors the level of the regen­er­a­tion salt all by itself.
  • Even before the salt supply runs out, the system orders a box of Perla Tabs. To enjoy this fully automatic subscription, your BWT Perla must be registered and connected to the internet.
  • The Perla Tabs will be deliv­ered to your home on time.

So you don't have to worry about anything any more!


Please note: As soon as your BWT Perla system reports a salt reserve of 20%, you have 72 hours to refill any remaining regeneration salt. If you do not refill and therefore the level of salt does not change, we will automatically ship the next delivery of Perla Tabs.


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