In general, water treatment measures should be adapted to the type of corrosion that is to be expected or has already occurred, the installation and operating conditions and the material properties. BWT expert advice based on a water analysis is recommended.

Product properties
BWT Mineral F3 is a monophosphate solution concentrate in food quality for the treatment of soft and aggressive drinking and process water, hardness range 14-21°d or total alkaline earths 2.5-3.8 mol/m³ up to max. 65°C water temperature.
The products correspond in their composition and purity:
  • the list of treatment substances and disinfection processes according to §11 of the German Drinking Water Ordinance;
  •  the Austrian Foodstuffs Book, Codex Chapter B1 Drinking Water

BWT Mineral F3 builds up a calcium-iron-phosphate protective layer ("inner pipe sealing") in the water-bearing installation system made of galvanised steel and thus minimises corrosion damage.
BWT Mineral F1 can be dosed without any problems using DVGW/GS-tested BWT Mineralstoff dosing devices from original containers. The dosing of BWT Mineral F1 is permitted according to the drinking water ordinance up to 2.2g P/m³ water. The BWT mineral substance dosing devices are set accordingly at the factory.

  • After opening, the contents of the container must be used within 6 months.
  • Storage life: at least 3 years from date of production
  • Storage temperature: 10 - 30 C
  • BWT active ingredients must be stored in a food-safe, frost-proof and dry place.
  • The products must be kept out of the reach of children.
BWT minerals are suitable for the treatment of drinking water for human consumption and, in terms of their purity and composition, naturally meet all the requirements of the Austrian Foodstuffs Code (Codex Chapter B1 Drinking Water) as well as the corresponding guidelines of the ÖVGW.
BWT Mineralstoffe F (3 litres) are designed for use in ÖVGW-tested BWT Bewados E3 liquid dosing devices. With each water withdrawal in the pipe system, less than 5 mg/l of the BWT mineral substance is added to the drinking water by the mineral substance dosing device.
When added to the drinking water, this reacts on the inner walls of the pipes and thus gradually forms a thin, but firmly adhering, protective layer that separates the water from the pipe (inner pipe sealing). Existing rust/corrosion foci are infiltrated (encapsulated). Regular water tapping at each tapping point is required.

Consumables for softeners

BWT Ioclean - 4 pieces
Cleaning tablets for water softener for 6-month operator maintenance
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BWT Perla Tabs - 2 x 10 kg
Purest salt for all water softeners (99.9 %), in convenient 10 kg bags with carrying handle - also available as a subscription!
BWT Sanitabs 8 kg
Regenerating salt with integrated hygiene cleaning component for AQA water softener

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