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The All-in-one Package for Your Pool Cleaning

With the set consisting of a pool robot and pool vacuum cleaner, you are well-equipped for the pool season. The pool robot takes care of the thorough, large-area cleaning of your pool, and if any dirt or leaves have accumulated in the corners, you can easily and effectively clean them with the pool vacuum cleaner. 

BWT Pool Robot FSA1500

Stylish Cleanliness
With the FSA1500 pool robot, you enter a new world where efficiency meets style and elegance, where size is replaced by finesse and intelligence. Light, powerful, intuitive - that describes the models perfectly.

BWT Pool Vacuum Cleaner FSA200

Easy Cleaning with the Triangular Brush Head

The BWT FSA200 pool vacuum cleaner is particularly suitable for light and effective floor cleaning for above-ground pools and pools of up to 10 m³. Thanks to its strong suction power and triangular brush head, it's easy to suck up dirt such as grass, leaves, sand, and even small stones. Additionally, a narrow flat brush attachment is included to reach even more inaccessible areas in the pool (e.g., in the area of the pool ladder).

Complementary pool water care

BWT Pool cleaning set
Set consisting of stain remover, floating pads and disposable filter
BWT AQA marin pool tester 5-in-1
Test set for checking chlorine content, ph value, cyanuric acid, total alkalinity and calcium hardness
Benamin Ultraclear - Packs
BWT Benamin Ultra Clear
Self-dosing pool water care for disinfected and clear pool water - for medium-sized pools
Set variant
Small "Summer Essentials" Set
The small all-round package for a relaxed bathing season
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