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The BWT R1 backwash filter is installed to keep particles and impurities such as rust and sand, which can be caused by new connections and maintenance work on the pipe network, away from the drinking water installation in the house. The installation of such a drinking water filter or similar in every domestic installation is even mandatory according to relevant standards. Without a protective filter, these particles can cause everything from dripping taps in the bathroom or kitchen to malfunctions of washing machines and other household products. 
  • Durable, robust, powerful 
  • Including rotatable connection technology 
  • Available with and without pressure reducer 
  • Quick installation with HydroModule (3/4" to 1 1/4") 
  • For horizontal and vertical installation 
  • Particularly intensive cleaning through 2-phase backwash technology 
  • Perfect drinking water hygiene through simple handling, which should be backwashed every 2 months to ensure perfect hygienic drinking water. 

Technical details

Product number: 9022000403705
Dimension house water filter: 352 mm
Fitting length with/without screw connection: 100/184
Mesh size filter: 90 - 100 µm
Operating pressure min./max. bar: 2.5/16 bar
Outlet pressure after pressure reducer: 2 - 6 bar
Water temperature min./max.: 5/30 °C


The filter element of the E1 single-lever filter or a spin-on filter must be replaced every 6 months according to the standard. In the case of backwash filters, the filter should be cleaned every 2 months.
ÖNORM EN 806-2, Technical Rules for Drinking Water Installations, Planning:
Chapter B.3: "Suspended solids ...are deposited in pipes...can thereby cause both growth of microorganisms and corrosion...likewise, suspended solids can lead to malfunctions and blockages of connected apparatus." To prevent these risks...the installation of a mechanical filter at the beginning of the domestic installation should be considered."
Chapter B.4. "...strainers at water meters or tapping fittings (= jet regulators) are not sufficient as protection against the entry of particles and suspended matter."
ÖNORM B 2531: 2019, Technical rules for drinking water installations, national supplement to ÖNORM EN 806:
Chapter, Protection against ingress of particles: The system and built-in parts shall be protected against malfunctions if necessary, e.g. by installing a mechanically acting filter according to ÖNORM 13443-1. Maintenance intervals are to be observed especially for hygienic reasons.
Chapter 4.10, Protection of water in consumer installations: All installations for the post-treatment of drinking water require a test report on health safety with regard to design and mode of operation.
ÖNORM EN 13443, Installations for the treatment of drinking water inside buildings - Mechanically acting filters:
Appendix B, Chapter B.4: At least every six months, the filter element in a filter must be replaced (disposable filter) or backwashed (backwash filter).
DIN 1988-200, Technical rules for drinking water installations:
Chapter 12.3.3: Mechanical filters are required for all pipe materials.
Chapter 12.4.1: A mechanical filter must be installed immediately downstream of the water metering system.
Chapter 12.4.3: The installation of a mechanical filter must take place before the first filling of the drinking water installation and immediately downstream of the water metering system.
Water Safety Plan (WSP)/ ÖNORM EN 15975-2 : 2013
In order to ensure the hygienic safety of drinking water up to the user's tap, the World Health Organisation WHO recommends the Water Safety Plan (WSP). This concept includes a risk analysis for a drinking water system and derived management plans to control risks and ensure safe operation. This Water Safety Plan can be found in ÖNORM EN 15975-2. Furthermore, Part B in Annex II of the current version of the TWVO refers to this standard. The possibility of reducing the sampling frequency or the parameters to be examined is indicated for an operator of a water supply system when carrying out a risk assessment according to EN 15975-2.

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