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The BWT THERO 90PRO can be used everywhere where conventional water filters reach their limits. Thanks to the special membrane filter technology, the so-called reverse osmosis filter system, heavy metals heavy metals, microplastics, bacteria, viruses, hormones, nitrates, calcium and other and salts are removed from the water by at least 98 %. removed from the water. What remains is the purest H2O for cooking, washing fruit and vegetables and for vegetables and for drinking. And best of all: no chemicals of any kind are are needed. 
  • Fresh, treated water at all times: 1.5 litres of water can be produced directly per minute. produced directly. This means that no storage tank is required and the risk of bacteria formation and growth of bacteria is eliminated. 
  • Intelligent & space-saving: Water is only produced when it is needed. An exclusive, elegant and very compact design enables space-saving installation. installation. 
  • Low-noise & low-vibration: The aluminium construction allows for a low-noise and and low-vibration operation and extends the pump's service life through optimal heat dissipation. 
  • Reliable & efficient: The separation process works via a membrane, whereby tap water is is purified under high pressure. Only pure water passes through the membrane, with only a 50 % wastewater rate.
  • Easy membrane change: The membrane is in a cartridge with a screw cap. in a cartridge with a screw cap. This means that it can be quickly and without the need for tools. without tools. An automatic "Aqua-Stop" in the filter head filter head allows the filter to be replaced without having to water supply water supply. 
  • Easy to use: app connection via Bluetooth for simple control and control and monitoring of the water quality via smartphone or tablet (only with THERO 90PRO). 
Product features
Product number: 821105
Blocking index (SDI): < 3 %/min
Inlet pressure min. : 2,0 bar
Iron (Fe) & Manganese (Mn): < 0,05 mg/l
Membrane exchange: min. every 2 years
Operating temperature: 11 - 40 °C
Output at 15°C: 90 l/h I 1,5 l/min
Oxidizing substances: < 0,05 mg/l
Salt retention rate: > 98 %
Silicate (SiO): >15 ml/l
Total dissolved salts (TDS): < 500ml/l

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