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Important: Therefill box can only be ordered if you are returning 4 empty BWT CO² bottles. If you do not yet have any empty CO² cylinders at home, you must first order the starter set. 

In exchange for four empty CO² cylinders, you will receive four refilled cylinders for almost unlimited sparkling drinking pleasure at home. Each of the four cylinders gives you up to 60 litres of sparkling water - simply at the touch of a button.

Hazard warnings
Only for use in suitable appliances for the production of sparkling drinking water.
Always read the label and operating instructions of the respective product before use.

  • Contains gas under pressure; may explode if heated.
  • Store away from sunlight in a well-ventilated place.
  • Zylinder kühl und trocken lagern; vor Hitze (> 50 °C) schützen.
  • Store cylinders in a cool and dry place; protect from heat (> 50 °C).

Gefahrensymbol GasFlasche

Technical details

Product number: 825356
Carbon dioxide: 425 g
Diameter: 60 mm
Gross weight 4-pack: 5,2 kg
Gross weight cylinder: 1,2 kg
Height cylinder: 370 mm
Net weight 4-pack: 4.8 kg
Packaging dimensions (W x H x D): 255 x 75 x 420 mm
Piece: 4


You can easily unscrew the empty CO2 bottle from the pressure reducer in an anti-clockwise direction. Then remove the protective cap from the new bottle and screw it back into the pressure reducer in a clockwise direction.
Yes, because the refill box works via an exchange system: You return your four empty CO2 cylinders to us and receive four refilled cylinders in return. You only pay for the filling.
Up to 60 litres of sparkling water can be produced with a 425 g CO2 bottle.
Yes, quite simply via the BWT Webshop: there you can order a refill box consisting of 4 refilled CO2 cylinders. The refill box works via an exchange system: you return your four empty CO2 cylinders to us and receive four refilled cylinders in return. You only pay for the filling.
Wenn Sie Ihre leeren CO² Flaschen wieder an uns retournieren ist kein Pfand zu entrichten.
Sollten Sie keine leeren Flaschen retournieren, werden ca. 30 Tage nach dem Kauf eines Refill Pakets € 45,00 Pfand verrechnet.


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