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Ecosoft CROSS90

Thanks to the special membrane filter technology, the so-called reverse osmosis filter system, PFAS, heavy metals, microplastics, bacteria, viruses, hormones, nitrates, lime, and other pollutants are removed from the water by 99%.

What remains is purest H2O for cooking, washing fruits and vegetables, and drinking. And the best part: no chemicals are needed.


Filter Technology

CF: PP sediment and activated carbon filters effectively remove sediments, rust, chlorine, and chemical contaminants.

RO: 600 GPD membrane, filters over 99% of all impurities such as microorganisms and PFAS from the water and eliminates unwanted tastes and odors.

CB: Activated carbon filter, additionally refines the taste and smell of the water, ensuring a pure drinking experience.


Filter Change

Thanks to the smart LED filter change indicators on the faucet and the system, along with an acoustic signal, you will never forget to change a filter!

CF: Every 6 months
RO: Every 24 months
CB: Every 12 months


Technical details

Product number: MO3600PECO
Filter change indicator: LED Indicator & Acoustic Signal
Flow Rate: 1,5 l/min | 90 l/h
Inlet pressure: 2 - 5 bar
Operating temperature: 5 - 30 °C
Power supply: 230 / 50 Hz
Recovery: 55 - 65 %
Weight: 11 kg


CF Pre-filter for CROSS90
Filter change every 6 months
600 GPD Membrane Element for Cross 90
Filterwechsel alle 24 Monate
CB Postfilter for Cross 90
Filter change every 12 months

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